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Full Version: [Sydney, Australia 6/11/11] Bey-Spring
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Date: 6th of November

Location: Burwood Park

Time : Free Play starts at 11 tournament starts at 12

Format: Most Likely Block Round Robin (Over 32 = Double Elimination, 12 and under = Round Robin)

Fee: $5 entry unless you have a blader pass then its free they are available for $10 on the day and let you get into any tournament for a year free.


Darkblader12 (Me)
Bey Ninja 14x

Stadiums Count: 7
3x TT Attack Stadium
3x TT Balance Staduims
1x TT Standard Stadium

This Tournament may be organised by me but im going to be Getting MASSIVE help from Rusty
if we don't get enough "Payers" i may not buy Prizes however i just might
This is not official yet, waiting for 8 players
Yeah I'll come and judge for you
Hmm, it is on my birthday, maybe it can be my gift or something.
sign me up hpefully i'm not as unlucky as last time

thats great :)

plz be sure

whoa didnt see your post
well i am coming i am a raging noob anyways Speechless ..... and noob blader plus beyblade gamer
yes ... yes you are
dont rage like last time please
u drew some unnecessary attention
most parents (that were rdmns) were like standing around watching ...
it was awkward
Hey I'm bringing my TT attack stadium and I may be recording and yes I will ask people if they want or not want to
yup thats good
as Usual ill bring mine
same here i will bring my tt standard staudim
(Oct. 12, 2011  10:40 AM)kyoa leone Wrote: [ -> ]same here i will bring my tt balance staudim

okay ... for future Reference its actually a TT Standard stadium ...
Count my stadium and as it already says I will be there , propose it now we will get more then 8 people with out a doubt. Haha nice choice of name but sounds to peaceful since we got Kyoa Leone around LOL Tongue_out
yes i may propose now or tomoz
cuz my dad is all like " I MIGHT NOT HAVE A DAY OFF" and such and may have to move it .... but yeah
maybe we should call it " Bey-Spring: Kyoyas Rage Breaks the Peace"
edit: NVM, dad has day off
IM IN like kyoa said
im obviously coming since i only came 6th cause of darkblader, i think...
well it was peaceful b4 xD .... and is there prizes?
I will probably come. I have learned not to wait 'till the last minute to tell my parents.
tnblader@ yes it was me ... u kissed my launcher XD

Kyoa leone@ ur jkin, u were quiet XD, nah jokes
as done like last tournament
if i dont get enough ppl paying i wont be able to pay for Prizes
as we nearly have Passports ( why have i not got mine yet XD)

Unlucky@ thats great
give me back my L/R please
is anyone bringing their plastic beys along?
i wanna battle against some!
YES FINALLY I WILL GET MY REVANGE UNLUCKY ARGHHHHH (RAGING) xD also noob blader is coming 100% this time
also didnt u want to c my reaction?? xD soz i am just a argo person and risk taker (not bout the torney)
I might come, but am not completely sure. Just curious, how and why did kyoa rage? It is a mystery
I'm possibly coming.
i need you guys to be sure
i will not add to list till then
(Oct. 12, 2011  8:20 PM)Taj12 Wrote: [ -> ]I might come, but am not completely sure. Just curious, how and why did kyoa rage? It is a mystery

hahahahahaha lol u dont get it u were not there cause i was screming and got 2 place
dude you never shut up that day BASALT!!!! GO BASALT!!!!BASALT!!! GOOOOO, DIE MAILZ0RRR DIEE!!!!! lol but to get on topic i might come, well lets hope its not as windy as last time i dont want to go super hero again
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