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Full Version: [New York, NY] 10/22/11 OPERATION: OCCUPY TRU
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1st Place: Sniperâ„¢
2nd Place: Justin D
3rd Place: xsonicx10

Location: Toys 'R' Us in Times Square
Date: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
Time: noon-ish
Fees: $5 one time entry fee, $10 year-round blader passport
Prizes: To be determined
Format: Block Round Robin
Restriction: 8 online, 16 at the tournament

Okay, so here is the plan: we gather up all the bladers in the building who show up for TRU's "tournament" (lol) and bring them outside for an actual tournament - WBO style. The purpose is to give players who are not a part of the WBO a chance to experience what we have to offer. Hopefully, if they like how we run this, they will come to the tournament the following week, STAGE FRIGHT. After all, we want to break 100 players at one tournament, right? Now is our chance!

This is a restricted attendance event. I will take 8 members online as confirmed and the rest will be determined at the tournament. Please, please, please let the newer players play if there are not enough spots and you are a tournament veteran. After all, your time to shine will be at STAGE FRIGHT the following week.
Theres a tournament in Toywiz, Nanuet this day so i cannot make it
Not a WBO event?
Haha, sign me up for a possible, it would be cool for my first tournament to be teaching n00bs how to blade like a WBO member.

And whoever the NY Promo Card holder is, they should go as well since it would help raise WBO and smart blading awareness.
I'm not a rep. If you read the thread, that would have been obvious.
Alright, but whoever it is should at least try to be available at the tournament to help promote WBO if they are able to do so.
, nope not a WBO event, Im guessing they are trying to see what it would be like if they hosted one.
do you want me to promote STAGE FRIGHT there too? If so, i will glady do so.
This is a very sneaky and devious idea.
lol only Deikailo would think of it.
Sign me up for this, I just confirmed I can go.
Can you reserve me a spot please!!!
Sign me up & confirm me. This'll be fun, taking over TRU's' "tournament"
I can go, parents say yes, thank you.
sign me deikailo my parents said yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will be there!!!
My dad said okay to it. And I earn about $10/week, so I'm getting myself a passport this time.
basically my only problem is getting a ride to go up there

can anyone help with this
(Oct. 16, 2011  8:29 PM)LK-Sm0ke Wrote: [ -> ]basically my only problem is getting a ride to go up there

can anyone help with this

Maybe Deikailo...oh wait, on second her... Hmmmm...
well can you help
Where outside are we going, parents REALLY want to know.
Ah, I'm confirmed not going. I have a Debate tournament the 22nd.
Is this event really happening?
dude that should be obvious
I was just asking because i dont want to go for nothing!!!
If it was a joke, that would be a very costly, stupid joke that would give Dei a bad rep. It's quite official, so please don't ask a silly question like that.
Hi,deikailo can you write who is actually going!!!i want to know if i am one of the 8 who got chosen or your going to write it tomorrow?
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