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... And nothing of value was lost. Just a whole lot of my time fixing his unauthorised, incorrect edits to BeyWiki and reporting horrible drafts which need to be closed so people can post good ones. All of which I just LOVE. Speechless

(Aug. 07, 2012  11:22 AM)Ultra Wrote: [ -> ]I'm gonna work on this because this an easy bey to do and frankly this draft is horrendous. Two things which really bug me are one Takara did remove the poles later on (I have a red takara one with no poles on the AR but some on the BB) and also the base looks nothing like Storm Grip Base. Oh and he didn't mention Bakuten Henkei Gaia Dragoon.

Takara's version always had poles on the base. Whether hasbro initially had them on the AR or BB is not known for any of the hidden spirits right now.

Hasbro also released Salamalyon 2, an orange recolor with a different AR mold, where the largest gap was connected by plastic. Vulcan posted an image at the top of this page. Should be slightly better but the heads would still create massive recoil anyway, so it'd still suck.

I can also supply some information on the structure and performance (it's the worst hidden spirit) as well as any photographs needed of the original version and its figure, if you need it, though it's a pretty simple article, just explaining why it sucks (recoil, poles etc).

FWIW these bases should all be unbanned despite their uselessness (and ZEO/Avairon's isn't so terrible). Other than hayate etc's stupid base and weight ring, anyway.
I was confused and didn't realize that Takara never put them on the AR (I don't think). Oh also does anyone have the blue Donitrus? I want to make sure of whether it is just a straight recolour of the Takara Salamalyon and whether it has the poles on the base. Also another thing what poles does the hasbro red version have? Oh and how does the way the dragon attachments look when put the takara and hasbro orange versions?
Donitrus is just a recolor of the original, judging by Etanzel. I'm surprised they didn't put 10- WD's on it but it seems they came with 8-'s.
It definitely has the poles on the base, though.

Takara never used poles on the AR, strictly a hasbro thing.

Hasbro's red version, well, It is a mystery, either it had them on the AR, or early ones may have had them on the Base. Assume they always had them on the AR, as that seems to be by far more common, if not the sole actuality.

Like all hidden spirits it looks godawful (though none are as bad as ZEO/Avairon's extremely poorly hidden spirits). I don't have the hasbro version to show you, though I can take pictures of the takara one some time. Hasbro's would just be the exact same except on top of the AR instead of under the base. I assume this was done to prevent people launching them with the figure attached or some similar safety reason. In both cases, doing so is extremely awkward and as a kid when I got hayate 2, I was distinctly unimpressed by the whole thing.
I can help you solve the mystery of the red version of the Hasbro attack ring it is the same mold as the orange version. But don't ask me anything else about Salamalyon because this is the only part that I have.
Quote:Note: This beyblade is a part of the Hidden Spirits line, which all feature a transformation gimmick. The Attack ring and Weight Disk are legal for WBO Competitive Play, but the Blade Base is not.

Attack Ring (AR): Fire Cracker
Weight: 6 Grams
Fire Cracker is an oval Attack Ring designed to represent a lizard's head and claws on both sides. While it may look like it might have decent Smash Attack, it is hindered due to the contact points and shape, which causes a large amount of recoil. Due to being released with the Four Layer System, it is locked to Right Spin only.

Mold Variations

Hasbro's version of Fire Cracker features the pegs for the Hidden Spirit transformation on the Attack Ring, as opposed to the Blade Base.

Weight Disk (WD): Eight Wide

weight: 13 grams
See [[Wide Weight Disks]]

Blade Base (BB): Salamalyon Base
Weight: 7 Grams
Note: The Salamalyon Base is illegal for WBO Competitive Play.
Salamalyon Base is a flat-tipped Blade Base with six, circular points around the perimeter. The tip is similar to Storm Grip Base's but is plastic and somewhat taller, which makes it more susceptible to Upper Attack. Due to these factors, this Base is outclassed by Storm Grip Base and even SG Flat. The base is also locked to Right Spin only, due to being released with the Four Layer System.
Other Versions
A-135 Bakutenryuu Donitrus Dragon (Blue)
Bakuten Henkei Gaia Dragoon (Purple, has a different weight disk)
Salamalyon 2 (Orange)



Even though Salamalyon is an interesting beyblade, its Attack Ring - the only part that is even legal for WBO Competitive Play, save for the weight disk - isn't a good choice for any sort of Combination. However, it has interesting play-ability due to the mode change gimmick. Overall, this Beyblade is for Collection Purpose Only.

An easy rewrite.
Bits that I feel need altering:

-The comparison to storm grip isn't helpful (I know you put this in there) since it isn't explained what storm grip is like. Also considering how different they are I really doubt they perform similarly.
-I dislike the term locked to right spin. Especially since it's not accurate. Locked makes it sound like it would be able to spin both directions but Takara altered it so you can't which isn't the case.
-Mode change gimmick? There isn't one. Putting that figure on top isn't really a mode and it's not really supposed to be used in battle.
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