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Full Version: [ITA] Top Tier HMS
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Combo Competitive Heavy Metal System



AR: Samurai Upper, Circle Upper, Advance Attacker (Upper Mode).
WD: CWD Defense Ring, Circle Wide, Circle Heavy.
RC: Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode), Grip Flat Core, Metal Flat core.


AR: Jiraiya Blade, Slash Upper.
WD: Circle wide, CWD Defence Ring.
RC: Grip Flat Core,Grip Flat Core (Ultimate Mode).


Classic Defense

AR: Samurai Upper, Circle Upper.
WD: CWD God Ring, CWD Defence Ring.
RC: Bearing Core 2.


Classic Stamina

AR: Advance Survivor, Advance Balancer, Wolf Crusher, Circle upper.
WD: CWD Free Survivor, CWD God Ring, Circle Wide, CWD Reverse Defenser.
RC: Bearing Core.