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Full Version: A-24 Driger F First Draft! Approval from Kei Requested!
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Say, this is my first draft on a beyblade (Plastic). Criticize all you need Smile
Most of the description is based on what I have heard and experience, so if need for any correcting, tell me Smile

AR: Cross Fang
Weight: 5g
Cross Fang has four ''Tiger Heads'' with manes, forming a reasonably Thin and sharp Protrusion. Because the protrusions are curved in and because it is very thin, the AR provides very little recoil, and is extremely fragile, which disables it to do anything effective in battle. However, Driger F does have some use in survival combos as it has a very circular shape and has weight equally distributed, but is far from other top-tier ARs such as War Lion (Galeon) and Tiger Defenser (Driger S).

Because Cross Fang is designed in such a thin shape, or can easily pressure or force it to break, and so should be used at your own risk.

WD: See 8 Balance.

SG: Right SG (Full Auto Clutch Ver.)
The tip is a wide, flat metal tip.- There is a metal bearing that can fit into the SG, which acts as a shock absorber. Since the tip is free spinning, the attack speed is dramatically increased, and controlling it is very hard. However, it can be used efficiently with the many different BBs. It has great use in upper attack combinations as well as survival/zombie combinations because of the bearing that can be fitted into the SG casing.

Using SG Right Full Auto Clutch Ver. in other BBs
The SG can be properly used after fitting the shaft into Right SG (Free Shaft Ver.) in other BBs such as Customize Grip (Dragoon V2), but easily results in scraping and self KOs. Another BB it fits into is SG Bearing Base (Wolborg). It is far to tall unless the SP attached onto it is tall enough. An example is Driger V2's SP. Another BB it fits into would be Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2). All of the above except Customize Grip can be effectively used in powerful upper attack combinations. Here is one example.

Use in Upper Attack Customization
AR: Upper Dragoon (Master/Kid Dragoon) OR Triangle Wing (Dranzer GT)
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG Free Shaft Ver. (Full Auto Clutch Shaft)
BB: Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2).

Triple Tiger (Driger G)
Wide Defense
Full Auto Clutch
Full Auto Clutch Base.

BB: Full Auto Clutch Base
Weight: (Optional)
The BB is, as named, a clutch base with two springs and hooks. At high RPMs, it clutches the tip for extra speed and force to attack types, however is obviously bad for survival types as it would hold the free spinning tip, and therefore ruining the purpose it was free spinning. At low RPMs, the clutch will release, and an attack type bottom would decrease in speed, and quickly start to circle closer near the center of the stadium. This gives an advantage to it as it will give the Beyblade more stamina potential. It is rarely used as it is very unbalanced, but is still very useful in attack combos with the SG.

Other Versions:
Metal Master ver.
Hyperblade ver.
Clear Yellow
Clear Purple
Clear Red
White Version

Overall: This beyblade has two useful parts, the BB and SG. Both are very interesting and have a useful gimmick, and can almost match up to the top Attack type BBs. Every Blader Should own at least one of this Beyblade.
(Oct. 03, 2011  5:50 AM)KaizerMFB Wrote: [ -> ]Overall: This beyblade has almost no useful parts , however, the BB has a very interesting, yet useful gimmick, and can almost match up to the top Attack type BBs. Every Blader Should own at least one of this Beyblade.

A bit of a back track there lol. Anyway I don't really know much about this bey even though I have it lol.
Aw what? You don't know about it? XD
Use it in random testing?
(Oct. 03, 2011  5:50 AM)KaizerMFB Wrote: [ -> ]The secret to this BB's success is the Auto Full Cluch system. The Base has 2 Clutches with springs that hold the metal flat tip when at high RPMs to maximize attack force and speed, and when at low RPMs, the clutch releases, and is free spinning to rely on stamina, however, the trade back is that it minimizes the rate of KOs.
The AR according to beywiki is called Cross Fang and yes...that typo...clutch is what it should have been isnt it?

Why yes, it is.
Thanks for pointing out!
I think its Auto Full Cltch BB and its Metal tip (SG) have some use in customization..include that perhaps.. Smile
According to Beywiki, its Full Auto Clutch! lol derp :3
Ok, I'll try to change it Grin
Haha..i dont really remember / not familiar with the part's no worry about it..i am more familiar if it is mentioned like >> Driger F's BB.. XD
anyway..its only parts that have use is BB and SG..the rest..i think they are carp..
perhaps Kei / Deikailo / Mc Frown know better on its parts.. section on bit beast?
Driger F's AR is certainly not suitable for defense. Maybe stamina due to light weight, but really, it's a pretty terrible AR for anything, and fragile too.

The spin gear is not a standard right SG, but "Right SG (Full Auto Clutch Ver.)", which consists of normal right casings, then the internal casings, unique to this SG, which only fit into Driger F's BB. A lot could be written about the shaft, which is excellent for most attack usage. To work in an SP-Enable base, you need to use wolborg 1's casings, which result in a tall bey (if you use sg free shaft ver. casings, the only other casings it fits in, it barely pokes out above Dragoon V2's base's bottom, which causes huge scraping and self-KO). This can be bypassed by using Upper Attack SP (Driger V2), which results in a slope starting just slightly lower than that of Upper Dragoon on Storm Grip base.
(As an unneccessary note, you are left with a lot of unusable spare parts after making that combo).

Another excellent use is for upper attack, in sg free shaft ver casings and wolborg 2's BB. Mc Frown shared this combo, and despite being in the opposite spin direction to many of it's opponents, it still exhibits extremely strong upper attack. It is also fairly effective at spin stealing, as the bearing-supported shaft spins freely.


AR: Upper Dragoon (Master/Kid Dragoon) OR Triangle Wing (Dranzer GT)
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG Free Shaft Ver. (Full Auto Clutch Shaft)
BB: Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2).

The base of Driger F itself is fairly rarely used as an attack part as far as I know, but the shaft is quite the excellent piece, if a bit hard to control. It is very, very fast though.

Just to make sure, you do actually have the bey right? And in future, get the parts names from:
Other zplastics don't have bit beast info?
Thanks Th!nk!
Just what I need, a really big explanation!
Gonna add quickly!
Its not just a right SG, its Right SG (full auto clutch version) which has the metal tip on, you can use the the metal tip with dranzer S' castings and wolborg 2's BB too make a really good attack type. The tip is on the SG not the BB.
Also, in the SG section, you'll need to mention it coming with a bearing, and which type of bearing it comes with (metal, plastic, nsk shield) (which I don't know myself).

No problem, we need an article on this, but that unique shaft means it's not gonna be easy, ahah.
Ooh is that what it is?
Ah ok thanks!
Also, sorry I couldn't' synthesize that information better, as is it's not fit for the wiki, so you'll need to sort that. TBH that's why I haven't tried to write a draft for the bey myself, there's a lot to say but it's hard to say it all right.
Big draft just finished.!

Yush, I own it :3
You messed up the SG section, gimme a minute, I'll have a shot at it. It doesn't work in survival customs, for example, but it can add some spin-stealing ability to attack types. And the bearing doesn't lower the attack speed at all, it is insanely fast...

Quote:SG: Right SG (Full Auto Clutch Ver.)
The Spin Gear of Driger F is unique, consisting of internal casings which will only fit Driger F's blade base, and a unique shaft, supported by a bearing. The metal tip of the shaft is wide and flat, resulting in extremely fast, somewhat hard-to-control movement. While Full Auto Clutch Base makes decent use of this shaft, it is generally used in other SG Casings and bases, due to it's high-power, and small element of spin-steal the bearing introduces, and the advantages these bases represent over Full Auto Clutch base (lower height, more uniform behaviour, ability to use Support Parts).

Use of Shaft in in other SG Casings and Blade Bases.

The Full Auto Clutch Shaft can fit into SG Free Shaft Ver. (Dranzer S), and the taller SG Bearing Ver. (Wolborg 1). The former can be used in a number of bases, primarily Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2), and SG Bearing Base (Wolborg), the former being most effective. This can be used in the powerful upper attack combination listed below.

Use in Upper Attack Customization
AR: Upper Dragoon (Master/Kid Dragoon) OR Triangle Wing (Dranzer GT)
WD: Wide Defense
SG: Left SG Free Shaft Ver. (Full Auto Clutch Shaft)
BB: Defense Grip Base 2 (Wolborg 2).

If one wishes to use Support Parts, this will also fit into Dragoon V2's Customise Grip Base, however, using SG Free Shaft Ver. Casings results in the bottom of the base scraping on the stadium floor, causing erratic movement and self-KO's. In this case, it is best to use SG Bearing Ver. Casings, although this results in a very tall combination. However, Driger V2's Upper Attack SP can be used here, resulting in a slope beginning lower than that of Upper Dragoon on Storm Grip Base, one of the lowest possible Upper Attack Customs, and the height helps nullify the SP's notorious scraping issues.

Use in SP-Based Upper Attack Customisation
''* '''Note''' refer to [[Dragoon V2#Adding_a_Different_SG|Adding a Different SG]] if you do not know how to setup the SG.''
AR: Upper Claw (Driger V2)
WD: 10 Heavy
SG: Right SG Bearing Ver (Full Auto Clutch Shaft)
SP: Upper Attack SP (Driger V2)
BB: Customise Grip Base (Dragoon V2)

I'll admit this is too wordy, one of the more experienced writers may want to condense it some, and tweak the formatting. That said, I'm pretty satisfied with it.
Gonna work on that soon Smile
Draft updated.
Noob question: Kei is the only one who approves?
I'm pretty sure he is the director of Beywiki.. I'd say so.
As suggestion:
In my opinion in Upper Attack Section,you must add also

Triple Tiger (Driger G)
Wide Defense
Full Auto Clutch
Full Auto Clutch Base.

On of the most aggressive upper plastic combo!
sure, i'll add that in a bit!
Also, you should add the extra version of this Beyblade.
Driger F exists in:
Standard Ver.
Metal Master ver. (Hasbro)
Clear Yellow (Random Booster F,if my memory works good)
Clear Purple (I own it and it comes from a box that i own,but is all in Japanese,so i don't know wich kind of edition it is)
White Version (i don't own it and i don't know where it comes,sorry)
I have a clear red version aswell.
(Oct. 09, 2011  8:36 PM)Poseidon Wrote: [ -> ]I have a clear red version aswell.

°_° Pics? Please!
Cant take pics atm but i reassure you Smile
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