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Full Version: Selling HMS Wide Survivor NIP and Dranzer GT
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Quote:Just got a new shipment of Plastics in, So lets review the rules:
Quote:OK Im Dark_Mousy. I live in the USA. I will ship to USA/Canada. I will ship/trade internationally but it will seriously have to be worth it. I have a few rules also before we begin.

1. Read the OP!
2. I have a lot of parts if you dont see something feel free to ask.
3. CTRL F can be your friend up here in my thread.
4. Dont try to messs me over. I do file mail fraud and i do have an on call attorney. (Seriously I do, gotta love benefits of work Smile)
5. Mint unless otherwise stated.
6. PM's can be your friend.
7. Take care and spike your hair.
**Means to many to count/to lazy to count)

Offers are accepted on everything. PMs are helpful when trying to contact me. Don't message me on FB trying to make a deal. You will be ignored (Unless a lot of money is involved.)

Currently selling:
Make Offers:

HMS Lot. Make Offers. Nuff said

3 Dranzer GT. The engine gear on 1 of them doesn't work properly. Other 2 work perfectly

2 NIP Wide Survivor 20USD a piece plus shipping.

Pictures: Warning Pictures are large. Multiple pics.
I sent you a PM.
is Zeus takara or hasbro
(Sep. 30, 2011  12:35 AM)Gamecreator916 Wrote: [ -> ]is Zeus takara or hasbro

Everything is Hasbro
PM sent.

I really do love the assortment you have. I'm quite jealous. XD
dude i sent you a pm yesterday
I got all the pms yesterday. I haven't had a chance to reply. Im replyin today.
are your dragoons mint or bad condition. if good condition can you pm i would like to buy it
I'm still waiting for you to reply
PM sent, you have a lot of nice stuff for sale Smile
Pm Sent
is the zeus mint or bad condition
PM sent
how much for zeus & wyborg?
To everyone who sent me PMs. Some of them got deleted by accident. Plz send me a PM again. Ive been working crazy hours the last 2 weeks. Now im back and can get you more pics etc.
Just bumping this. Still got plastics. Still looking for stuff.
Just giving this a bump. Still looking to by/sell
Bumping this. New stuff added.
Bump bump bump
Massively updated. New stuff added. HAve plenty of extra if your looking for anything in particular.
Bumpity Bump Bump Bump yo

New HMS Swag added. Ill have this stuff at AN yo.
do you still have your wide defense weight disks?
How much for Dranzer GT? Its Hasbro right?
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