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Hello everyone. You may not know me, but I have posted here before. To cut to the chase, I used to be a very passionate beyblader. I attended the world championships, and collected for years. I present what's here to you in this thread for sale. Any questions, post on this thread, PM me, or if you would like contact me on ebay.

NOW: The fun part!

First part, which I believe is the most prized pieces of my collection: The HMS series. NOTE: Shining God MS is the most expensive piece here, as it was the last takara MS blade produced, and is believed to be priced over 65 dollars. Everything here is American except for the Shining God, which was imported several years ago.

[img][Image: 2s94vnk.jpg][/img]

[img][Image: 2s7dshh.jpg][/img]

Second Part: Everything Driger!
Here is 2 full Driger V2, driger s, and several driger S attack rings, AND an unopened Phantom Force driger S, box was lost. NOTE: Driger S was believed to be the best all around attack ring pre-HMS.

[img][Image: wrl7gl.jpg][/img]

Third Part: SEALED ITEMS: Here is an unopened Dranzer Grip, purchased in 2004, never opened. Sealed bearing stinger Phantom force, VERY VERY RARE, and the second pic shows something dear to me. As I said, I went to the world championships. I participated in a contest to spin a Dranzer F, and I placed third out of hundreds of people. I was awarded with this never used Gold Dranzer S, and I do not know how much it is worth, but all I can say is i have never seen any beyblader online or in real life with it.

[img][Image: 1znoozq.jpg][/img]

[Image: sy2e5z.jpg]

Fourth Part: Loose attack rings. NOTE: Darker Burning Kerberous and Pink Metal Drazer are only takara parts.
Prize: Both Galeon Sub attack rings are in great condition. Very fragile, and now rare part.

[img][Image: 9ihk5k.jpg][/img]

Fifth Part: Weight Disks: Random weight disks, here are 10 wides, 10 balances, 10 heavies, 8 heavies, Revolver, Zinyrai weight disk attachment, AND imported takara weight disk. I forget the name, but it is rare, and was heavily imported early to mid 2000's by skilled beybladers; collectors item and performs great on zombie combinations.

[img][Image: 25pgvhv.jpg][/img]

Sixth Part: Bases. All standard bases. Prizes: 2 draciel metal ball defenser ( also known as MBD), now extremely rare and sought after part. American champion used this base in his combination, as did many skilled beybladers. Great defense endurance base.
Also, customized bearing stinger bearing into right spin gear on dragon V2, and burning kerberous spin gear in dragon v2, great rare piece combination for endurance/zombie combinations. I usually ran with the kerberous combination for tournaments, with either dranzer v2 or Vortex Ape support part.

[img][Image: x10j7r.jpg][/img]

Seventh Part: HMS ripcords and launchers.

[img][Image: k2i6n8.jpg][/img]

Eight Part: Plastic rip cords and launchers: Note: left spin launchers on the left, right spin on the right.

[img][Image: 2gukqaq.jpg][/img]

Ninth Part: Random Stuff. Prize: Dranzer V2 and Vortex ape support parts, great for putting on Dragoon V2 base as seen in my base collection. Great combination for zombie and endurance types.

[img][Image: 20pbwa8.jpg][/img]

TENTH Part: Stadiums. I rather would have taken a video to show the condition of the stadiums, so I did and put on on youtube. I have a draciel Forretress ( very beat up), dragoon storm ( used but in great condition), Bladebreakers ( used but in great condition, and the biggest, most rare piece of this auction; ULTIMATE STADIUM. This stadium went extinct after 2005, and was limimted in Japan. Fortunately, I ordered it just in time. As demonstrated in the video, it spins both ways, just like the stadium used in the world championships.
How this will go down:

I am a respectable Ebayer. My user is apeopleman just like on here, and i have over 100 feedback. If you wish, I will do a private sale via paypal, however, I would prefer making a private buy it now listing on ebay just for the person interested. Leave a response to let me know if interested in anything in this auction, its all for sale!
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