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Full Version: [Leeds,UK] tornament anyone ?
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Hi guys,
Im planning a tournament for this area please post if you can come Smile
Omre (possibly if enough people)
Date will be annonuced once i have a few people coming (8)
I live in London and i'm going to 'back to the basics '. i would battle you but i'm not really good but i'll give it a shot.
I live in middlesbrough mate. Far journey, and itll cost me a fortune to getr im gonna be making a there like £150 odd, however im gonna be going down south january time Smile.
i live in sheffield and if there is a tourney in leeds, i will definitely joining it.
I might be able too come, so I'm not totally sure.
Well I've just asked my mum if it's possible for me too go (if we start a tournament) because im only 11 so I to be took by my mum or dad, well anyway my mum said I could we get enough people and possibly make it official. Where about in leeds are you talking about anyway?
So count me in Grin
bump it up, i really want to join a tournament once ......
YOu just did, would you guys prefer a plastic tourney, prefetr plastics tons XD.
Is that really nobody play beyblade anymore around Leeds? Or they don't bother to have a real battle. I can't believe we cannot gather enough ppl for a tournament... Sighs.
Dont you guys now little kids in your area that likes beys why dont you invite them way you can lead them to the WBO
I live around 50 miles away from Leeds ^^
Besides I'm handing the cards I have out so...
me and my friend are keen bladers from bolton but i have an uncle in bradford so we might be able to come
Erm yeah i might attend this little tourney by the way im not all that good ive just started getting into it again.
We have 6ppls now, aren't we? 2 more needed?
Since none of you have been to a tourney before, I wantmore than 8 because I'm spending money to come here.CHances are a couple of people will back out so I want more beofre.
I'm committed. don't worry me , I wont drop out.
Hey! I'm apple's friend, I'd be really keen to join, I live in Bolton as wellTongue_out_wink
PS could we have a metal masters tourney, I lost all my plastics... Crying
You never told me you had a thread for this.
I'm kinda busy with uni but I'll do everything I possibly can to show up. I've been waiting for an opportunity like this since I was eight and I'm now too old for Hasbro so there's no way I'm passing up this opportunity if I can possibly help it!

I can't do plastics though since I have few left.
Hi I am new to Beyblade tournamounts and stay near Leeds. I would visit Leeds to be in your tournamount. Are you still planning one and when?
i know this is kinda late.. but im from the sheffield/leeds area so any tourneys around there i can definetley make