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Full Version: (BUYING) Aquario Beyblades!
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I'm looking to get me some Aquario Beyblades. Im only interested in Aquario. Right now I'm looking for these aquarios:

BeyBlade Takara BB-86 Cyber Aquario 105RF
Metal Fight BeyBlade S Aquario M145Q (the one with the orange/red clear wheel)
Random Booster 2 Green Aquario
Random Booster 2 Red Aquario
Wind Aquario
Any other interesting aquario you may have.

Please PM me as I most likely will not look at this thread again.
Wind Aquario is easy to get on ebay it only cost 9-10$

Cbyer Aquario 105rf

basically eveyrthign you want is pretty much on ebay.

Storm Aquario M145Q
Exactly as DragoonRoks said, everything you said can be found on eBay with a simple "Storm Aquario" or "Cyber Aquario" and etc. search. They are quite cheap as well.
Um not everything... everything from Random booster 2 is very rare. He was talking about the metal system booster if you hadn't realised.
I have realised Tired I meant mostly everything.
If he is wanting the RBV2 Aquarios he will probably have to take his chances and buy a RBV2.