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Full Version: [Sarawak, Malaysia]Canceled..!!!!
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Final Semester Ended, WBO's Malaysia Team[/size] bring you:

College Breakout : Let Freedom Rip!!

Date: 9 October 2011

Time: 2.00 P.M. - END
Venue: Friendship Park ( Taman Sahabat)

Expected Turnout: 10 or more
Format: Block Round Robin / MFB

( each player given chance to battle each other,6 players with most point/win will go to the final robin)

Prize: Havent decided

Stadium:MFB attack stadium

Fees: The fees for thi tourney will be 5$ per person or free if you purchased beypassport..Smile Beypassport can be bought on the day of the tourney..

Confirm Attendees:
-Kay The Great
-Benjohadi's GF

Possible Attendees:
Co-host with Whatzer and Peace..
Don't put me as a confirmed one yet.Like I told you,I need to check my schedule.
Sorry dude,I can't come.
since i cant get enought attendess for this..and my best beyblade buddy, Dr. Peace is quitting beyblade..i'm quitting too..-sigh-
sorry mods and committe for the trouble..
i guessed..there will be no tourneys from me in Malaysia..
Except for plastics remembrance..XD