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Full Version: PLay Fighting
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i Like Play fighting alot does anyone else like to try and share your best and worst moments of play fighting,And please try and show ous some videos sadly i dont have any vidoes to show youUnhappy I'm in skinny's. Thats my friend, we wanted to play fights lol.
Lol that looks real, I don't have any vids because I just beat up my little brother and those are not worth recording.
I remember my friend likes to play fight a lot and the reason why people don't play with him is that, when he starts losing, he get serious. One time he decided to play fight with some little kids, and there were too much of them, so he punched one kid and the face and went all berserk on him. His excuse was? "Well, I tripped and fell so it's technically your fault, and since it's your fault, you should now owe me 10 dollars".
I like play fighting on my trampoline. There's a net so nobody really gets hurt. It's the best for doing jump kicks and jump punches.
Sorry i haven't posted a vid but i watched some and todai i was play dragon ballz but in Real Life!!!!! it was so fun
I always used to play fight with my friend by his massive sofas so we could like jump of them and stuff but now were a bit to old for it and we might hurt each other lol even no it's so fun (sorry no videos)
me and my friend play martial art fight, we actually know martial arts and did capoiera, so everyone at school watches, so do the teachers lol.
dont you get in trouble but it sounds awesome i really someone can post another video
nah because capoiera is more dancing then fighting, and you don't get told of for not actually hitting each other.
Ookaii i understand ahh todaii was funny i prented that i was a dragon ball z fighter called shen kai and i went dragon ball crazy i need my in the rips so hard he went to the floor in pain
i used to play fight with my friend but then he got ticked off and started going for real then i just let him and saw him punch walls and then he tired him self out to bad i dont have a video it was hilarious every body was staring at him and then he did a swing slow punch grabbed his fist and said no dude noSmile that doseant meen i still dont play fight usally play fight with my older brother grappling only but nothing serious
(Sep. 16, 2011  10:48 PM)drakio Wrote: [ -> ]Lol that looks real, I don't have any vids because I just beat up my little brother and those are not worth recording.
Well your lucky u aiint the smallest one, my brothers always punch me or beat me up, i never cry really but it everyday life so im actually used to it
Heh I used to fight a lot of peole back in grade school it was pretty fun,all of us enjoyed every moment of a fight.But now in Highschool the word "Fighting" barely exists at all.......