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Full Version: Thunder Dragon
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Thunder Dragon
Thunder Dragon is one of the winners of the 2003 Coro Coro HMS Beyblade design contest, the other winner was Sea Dragon. It was the first Beyblade to use a CWD.

Bit Protector (BP): Thunder Emblem
The Bit Protector of this Beyblade is Thunder Emblem. It is the second mold version of Bit Protectors.

Attack Ring (AR): Spark Dragon
- Weight: 14 grams
Spark Dragon has two separate parts, the Metal Frame and the ABS Caul. The Metal Frame sits on the inside of the ABS Caul and allows it to spin freely around it. The ABS Caul has three blunt contact points, along with a number of smaller ones which gives it some Smash Attack. The problem with Spark Dragon, and why no Blader should ever use it is because it is both free spinning and because all of the metal on the AR is from the Metal Frame, which will never come into contact with other Beyblades. Because the ABS Caul is free spinning, there will never be enough force to Smash an opponent, it will just continue spinning when hit.

Ruling Clarification
Unlike other Metal Frames on HMS ARs where they must be unscrewed to detach, Spark Dragon's Metal Frame pops in and out without any tools required, and it should be mentioned that it is in fact illegal to use it without the ABS Caul of Spark Dragon.

Weight Disk (WD): CWD Free Survivor
- Weight: 17 grams
CWD Free Survivor is the one part that can truly make Thunder Dragon a worthy purchase. CWD Free Survivor has an almost identical design to the Support Part of the Dark Series of plastic Beyblades, except that it is free spinning as the name implies. With its circular form, CWD Free Survivor is a welcome addition to many types of Beyblades. It can protect against Upper Attack, and is heavier than even Circle Heavy.

It should be mentioned, that in situations where CWD Free Survivor can be chosen, CWD Defense Ring from Sea Dragon can take its place and perform more effectively because of both its 2 gram weight advantage and the fact that it is fixed rather than free spinning.

Use in Defense Customization
You can build a nice, heavy Defense customization by utilizing CWD Free Survivor.

AR: Samurai Upper (Samurai Changer MS)
WD: CWD Free Survivor (Thunder Dragon)
RC: Bearing Core 2 [Worn tip] (Jiraiya MS)

Running Core (RC): Metal Weight Flat Core
- Weight: 3 grams
Metal Weight Flat Core can be considered an upgrade to Gaia Dragoon MS's Flat Core. The added weight on the interior of the RC makes it slightly heavier, and moderately increases its survival and controllability compared to Flat Core. However, this is where the differences end; Metal Weight Flat Core has the exact same design as Flat Core in all other respects.

Use in Upper Attack Customization
Metal Weight Flat Core is not the most desirable choice out there for Attack types, but it can be used.

AR: Slash Upper (Slash Riger MS)
WD: Circle Wide
RC: Metal Weight Flat Core (Thunder Dragon)

Aside from CWD Free Survivor, Thunder Dragon does not have a lot to offer, and even CWD Free Survivor has been outclassed by other parts. If you already have CWD Defense Ring, or even CWD God Ring from Shining God MS, there is no reason for you to buy this Beyblade.

Just got this finished up. I don't have time to carefully proofread it right now, so opinions and corrections are encouraged.

Brad, you have photos of Thunder Dragon already, am I right?
yes i do

get on msn and i'll send you the zip
Looks great to me. Didn't know Sea Dragon and Thunder Dragon were Coro Coro blades. Hasbro actually released them and they are actually good. XD
Looks good to me!
I heard that the attack ring has flint and sandpaper in it. If that's true, shouldn't it's ability to spark be mentioned?

But the source I got that from may not be reliable. And I've never owned it.
You can get Sparking WDs but I didn't think Free Survivor was one..............Confused

EDIT: Have only seen Hasbro ones. ^^;
(Apr. 23, 2009  10:18 PM)Commie Wrote: [ -> ]I heard that the attack ring has flint and sandpaper in it. If that's true, shouldn't it's ability to spark be mentioned?

But the source I got that from may not be reliable. And I've never owned it.

This is true, but Kei doesn't have the Takara version. I'll do a write-up about it's sparking ability.
Sounds good
Article posted.

I added a "Other Versions", "Name Change", and also a "Mold Variation" section to Metal Weight Flat Core since apprently the Takara mold is different than Hasbro's.