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Full Version: MFB 4D: Episode 128 - Whereabouts of Orion (09/25/11)
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128. Whereabouts of Orion
Orion no yukue


"Ginga asks Chris, who owns Orion which exhibits the power of the Fragment of the Star, if he will fight against the power of darkness together. However, Chris declares that if that be the case, then he will employ himself. Stirred only by a loss and gain, King is enraged by Chris, who ignores the defeated."
so this means chris probably won but he sounds like a jerk
please stop speculating it didn't say Chris won if anything it's a 50-50 chance the test said [Stirred by a loss and gain
I watched the preview of this episode, showing somehow everyone is there, appearing to be arguing, perhaps? It did show Ryuga, but I am not sure which bey will be versuing Ginga. Chris?
^Well I was going to PM u but it's disabled.

Where did you see the preview? Or the episode?
(Sep. 19, 2011  2:55 AM)InfiniteLibra Wrote: [ -> ]Where did you see the preview? Or the episode?

it was on the offical TV tokyo website
it certainly seems as though masamune lost Unhappy but oh well...
I don't understand what does thishave todo anything with what the title says!?