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Full Version: [MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA] COML! - 9/17/11 (MBT; Glen Waverley)
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(Sep. 09, 2011  1:04 PM)Omega Wrote: [ -> ], you don't need to be on the list if you're just a guest. Why don't you want to compete though ?

I just realised that. The reason I don't want to compete is because I think I'll just watch a tournament before I enter. But I will probably be in the next one!
im comming, put me down.
if theres room put me on]
(Sep. 10, 2011  6:12 AM)JINX Wrote: [ -> ]if theres room put me on]

There is no limit on the number of participants.
damn i cant go due to a damn wedding that is 2 hours away that i hardly know the people
ohh i can come YES
no now maybe with wraith
JINX. stop spamming seriously man. Make up your decision and then post. The last three post on here have been you saying no, yes, maybe I can come. Edit your post instead. It will make yourself look much better and probably keep your warning level down.
I agree with chups. Good luck everyone who is going!!!
jinx.u have got to stop spamming! y r we having elimination this time?
(Sep. 11, 2011  2:35 AM)sucks Wrote: [ -> ]jinx.u have got to stop spamming! y r we having elimination this time?

Because the Committee thinks that there should be more open tournaments than restricted ones in every location, to be fair with the regions who do actually respect their free attendance.
Hey, could I be put down as a maybe? Thanks.
Sorry guys, won't be able to make this.

Have fun everyone!
(Sep. 11, 2011  2:39 PM)Robsta Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry guys, won't be able to make this.

Have fun everyone!

NOOO, not again! I miss battling you. D:
Dammit, I can't go to this one. Can Someone plz host a tournament on Sunday??? :0

Plz check out my Youtube channel:
The last two tournaments were on a Sunday, most of us don't like/can't attend on Sundays.

, that sucks man. Hopefully you can come to the next one, you're gonna miss Tan Unhappy
Now that youve mentioned Tan ive never seen him before
Put me on the attending list please! Grin
umm why am i not on the attending list.

should i go to games workshop for the special release or this tourny. so hard to decide!
Hey, take my brother off the attending list please Smile
Hey Omega what are the prizes? Smile
I won't be coming to this one, guys.
(Sep. 14, 2011  10:40 PM)Wraith Wrote: [ -> ]I won't be coming to this one, guys.
damn! y not?

Please take me off the attending list I won't be able to come to this, got too much school work to do... Uncertain
kk, ima go to teh event Joyful_2 (Put me on the attending list)
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