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Full Version: Melbourne Beyblade Tour (September 2011 - January 2012)
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From September 2011 until the end of January 2012 I will be hosting many tournaments in different suburbs around Melbourne. This gives everyone a break from having to come to the same old Venue in Essendon, makes it easier for people in faraway suburbs to come to tournaments and allows new members to participate.

Upcoming tournaments:
December 4: 2011 Victorian Beyblade Championships - BEYINFERNO 2 (Location TBA)
December 18: The King's Challenge (Glenroy)
January 28: Summer's Prime (Essendon)

Past tournaments
September 17: COM (Glen Waverley)
October 4: BEYSTORM 3 (Flinders Street)
October 22: BEYNOVA (Greensborough)
November 1: Halloween's Aftermath (Attwood) CANCELLED
November 12: Spring's Prime (Carlton) CANCELLED

Note: Not all dates/tournaments are confirmed yet. Some dates/tournaments might be changed/swapped.
TBA = To be announced.

OK. This is good but do you post a new topic for each tournament or is this thread for all of them?

If the latter is correct put me down for Glen waverly tourney (the name XD)
yay, i can make it to the current date of the mill park tournament. thank you omega. also now we don't have to keep quiet for the victorian championships.
EXCELLENT!!! I love the names! I can easily go to the carlton one and the flinders st one and glenroy and maybe even glen waverly! Not sure about attwood... CAN YOU PLEASE PUT the vic tournie championships at lincoln park???? PLS!!!
Glen, yes.
Flinders, yes.
Mill Park, probs not.
Attwood, where the hell is this ?
Carlton, probs
Here apparently.

I should be able to make it to most of the tournaments. Smile
I should be going to all except probably the attwood one. Unless I'm up there for soccer. But soccer on weekends is usually decided in that week. But for now I'm all good.
Mill Park isn't THAT far guys, it'd be closer to you then Glenroy or Attwood, blah.

, the Championships will be held indoors not in a park. I still need to find a good location and hall.

, I will propose each tournament when their date's near.
if you are planning for the mill park tournament to be inside, i can only think of 1 place around here that's big enough, even then it will require organization with the venue to hold it there.
(Sep. 06, 2011  11:52 AM)blah Wrote: [ -> ]Glen, yes.
Flinders, yes.
Mill Park, probs not.
Attwood, where the hell is this ?
Carlton, probs

Thats pretty much me but carlton and glen waverly swapped.

Maybe the exhibition buliding in carlton? Thats a huge hall and its really famous.
The exhibition building costs more then $1000 to rent for a day, there's no way I'm going to host a small tournament indoors, especially such in an expensive venue. The only tournaments that I will host indoors will be the large ones, such as BEYINFERNO 2.
soz i didnt know omega Confused Can ou put the championships on a sunday or in the holidays? In the holidays lots of people r free...
Sundays are very hard for majority of people.
yeah thats true... I might be being a tad selfish. How about the holidays?
It is on the holidays Tired
dec 4th isnt the holidays... right? And why does it have to be inside? its too much work 4 u too organise and itll cost a bit.
That tournament will be absolutely huge, it deserves one. And the School holidays start on December the 1st, for majority of schools at least.
my school is crappy- it doesnt Unhappy Still atleast its on a sunday i can go Smile
my school doesn't end on the 1st either, but im in year 9 in a p-9 school so i leave school early, plus it's on a sunday. count me there, just add me to the attendace list as soon as you put up the topic for the victoria championship.
Might come to one of them!
I hope that the vic championships rnt far away... that would suck. then i couldnt go. My dad doesnt like to drop me off in far away places. I hope it is as close as lincoln park ( 40 min drive)
Is everyone okay with the Halloween's Aftermath tournament being held on November 1 ? It is Melbourne Cup day (public holiday), but I don't really think it's that important to anyone :\
yeah i doubt i will be going to that one anyway ... plus it's a damn tuesday hahah
Doesn't affect me so I should be good to go Tongue_out
I should be good at the moment.
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