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Full Version: BeyFest II [London, UK 10/09/11] - Regents Park. [LIMIT REACHED]
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(Sep. 10, 2011  10:50 PM)ControL_ Wrote: [ -> ]May I too have a too please have a purple facebooster kind sir?

Indeed sir you may!

You open the FACE BOOSTER PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png]....
to find...

[Image: GillFace.png]
Might aswell get a purple face booster too, haven't had one of them yet
LeeDraciel opens his Face Booster PURPLE [Image: FaceBoosterIconPurple.png] and receives ... Gill [Image: GillFace.png]!
Just a short video of some of the battles in my group -
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