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Full Version: My Balance Combo.
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AR Upper Dragoon
WD 10 Heavy
SG Neo Right
BB SG Metal Change
That's just an upper attack combo. It is a good one, though.
I like it for balance, cause the AR does defense as well too, and the base lends itself well to it.
Your correct that the AR does good for defense as well, however this combo will still be using upper attack whether you mean it to or not. If you want a balance combo, use 10bBistool or Dranzer V2 (or compacts).
I guess he was trying to find an alternative- Am I Right Giga ???
Yeah you are Anu. Isuppose this'd work?
AR Upper Dragoon
WD 10 Balance
SG Neo Right
BB Full Auto Clutch Base. (Dranzer V2)
It wouldn't be using Upper Atack if you gave it a Neo Left SG, right? Mayeb that'd be better. :3
Are there any balance/compacts that use Left?
Dunno, wasn't thinkning too much about the whole beyblade, just left = no upper attack. It's too early for this. >.> Don't think it'd be too much of a problem. You might be going up against other left spins anyways......pluss you could use Gattyaki. Grin