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Full Version: Chocolate lovers
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What is your Favourite kind of Chocolate or sweats? I have to ask this because I am eating chocolate right now and I can't get enough it.

Personally I have to say every kind of chocolate is my favourite but if I had to say then it would be galaxy.
My sweets are chewits or similar


Snickers, Twix, and Babe Ruths FTW!!

EDIT: Almost forgot M&Ms.
I actually don't have chocolate that much. I like it but unless I'm in a particularly chocolatey mood, given the choice between a bag of potato chips and a bad of chocolate, I'd go for that chips.

That said, lately I've got back into Snickers. In Year 7 I used to have a king-sized Snickers on the train home from school, everyday. A wonder I didn't have a heart attack. And then over the last month or so I started getting back into that and most days I had a pack of McCoys (cheddar and onion of course Wink) and a regular Snickers.

Uh but anyways, fave mainstream chocolates would be Milky Way Magic Stars, Snickers, Toffee Crisp, Bueno, Yorkie Biscuit ad Raisin, Lion Bar, Dark Chocolate Bounty, M&Ms. Maybe some others. Dark chocolate is great - Men's Pocky is one of the nicest types of Pocky - however, a lot of the mainstream companies fail at the decent stuff. You have to buy good quality dark chocolate. I can eat small amounts of White chocolate but generally that and Caramac (I still don't know exactly what this stuff is) makes me feel ill.

Least fave chocolates are Galaxy because it's way to thick and stodgy (some refer to this attribute as 'creamy') and it generally doesn't taste that great. I guess it might be okay if they put nuts or raisins or biscuits in it but I'm not sure. I ised to be okay with it but now I quite dislike it. I don't even like the Maltesers things you get in a pack of Celebrations. Also, Turkish Delight, Caramac (again, what is this stuff?) and Milky Way (way to sweet).

On the subject of Variety Pack Chocolates, everything sucks. More-or-less. Quality Street are okay but generally dull and a little too sweet. Aspecially the ones with flavoured cream or caramel in them. They're gross. Roses are also carp but they're not quite as carp as they used to be due to the addition of Cadbury's plain chocolate squares. Celebrations, well, I've already said, the chocolate is horrible so that means they're all rubbish. However, Bounty is bearable.

Minature Heroes (now called simply 'Heroes' for reasons unbeknownst to me) used to be the best, amazing even, but it seems over that sometime before last Christmas, they ommitted numerous chocolates including Time Out's and Crunchie Bites. Which was a most stupid desicion. Idiots. Sure they've added Eclairs and Bournevile but Eclairs don't really belong because they're primarily a toffee and Bourneville is pretty gross. I remember the days when the still had Fuse.

So Heroes now contains: Dairy Milk (okay but dull), Dairy Milk with Caramel (gross but okay if you like caramel), Dairy Milk Whole Nut (the one saviour of the pack goddam these are good), Fudge (alright, kinda stodgy), Bournville (gross), Twirl (nice but boring) and Eclairs (these aren't even chocolates! They're nice but they can get a bit too sweet).

I still have an unopened pack of Celebrations from Christmas. In fact I have one NIB Celebrations, one pack of Toblerone Tinys, about a kilo of plain Dairy Milk, and load of stuff from easter that I haven't eaten. *sigh* The mainstream stuff has really gone downhill - about a month ago when Wispa came back, everyone was excited because it was Wispa! They were back, the good old chocolate we used to have! But it was a disappointment. My poor friends were forced into delusion, making themselves believe that they were good when they were far inferior to the Aero bar (which is not that great anyways though the mint version is lovely). Either that or they had simply fallen against Cadbury's brainwashing. Either way, that was a sad month for me.

However, things are not always so bad. Hotel Chocolat does lovely chocolates, as do some of the other more expensive brands. My family was once given a set including some lovely truffles and these little white chocolate and blueberry things with a blueberry sprinkling on top. They were divine. And if you're into chocolate dessert then everything made by Gu (insert umlaut mentally) is gorgeous. Joyful_3

Hmm, I think I spent too long on this. Never trust a girl to write about chocolate. XD
Whoa, I didn't think someone what right that much. I forgot to add that you are not to argue about anything that people like and dislike, we all have our own taste buds and it would be boring if we were all the same.

Also Rocky, aren't chips (crisps) worse for you than chocolate?
Didn't mean to, just kinda all spilled out.
And most probably - it seems that the tastier things are always worst for you. ^^;
High quality dark chocolate owns all (don't really like white chocolate)

I also like Double Chocolate Chip cookies/muffins/cake, & chocolate almonds. Don't usually eat the candy bars, but if I had to pick a few it would be Mars, Twix or Reese's. I tend to buy good quality dark chocolate at the specialty grocers and just eat that. Much more satisfying.

Chocolate covered espresso beans are nice too (once in a while)

Actually if it has Chocolate in it (no hazelnuts) I will probably eat it. Chocolate is the greatest thing man has ever created.
twix is it for me (and hershy (i can not spell it))
(Apr. 15, 2009  6:18 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't mean to, just kinda all spilled out.
And most probably - it seems that the tastier things are always worst for you. ^^;

That's funny because one of the songs I like says that kind of thing.

'I believe junk food tastes so good because it is bad for you.'

That's the line. The song also says a lot of other things that are true.
Rochers! I knew I was forgetting one. Those are geewwwd.
Curly Wurly
[Image: 2hwpwkj.gif]

One of my co-workers is from england, and he says he can't stand canadian/american chocolate, so he orders various chocolate bars over.
The raisin and biscuit Yorkie is pretty good too, I like Toffee Crisp too.
One thing I miss are Rolo cookies, they were nice. There is Munches, i think their called but their not quite the same.

Love the face Crimson.
Woah Rocky you killed about 15 minutes of my time Chocked_2
That was very very interesting....

Oh yea and Zander when you call it chips it makes me hungry XD
chocolate frappachino and high quality dark chocolate i hate white chocolate though Pinching_eyes
Erm... Go to Coffee Lovers thread to post your favourite Coffee Speechless
(Apr. 15, 2009  7:56 PM)Driger Wrote: [ -> ]Erm... Go to Coffee Lovers thread to post your favourite Coffee Speechless

it's chocolate flavor so it counts
i'm eating a giant piece of milk chocolate and it's pretty good
Im eating Yorkie
(Apr. 15, 2009  7:58 PM)blader9 Wrote: [ -> ]it's chocolate flavor so it counts
i'm eating a giant piece of milk chocolate and it's pretty good

Well, I didn't say what kind of chocolate so yeah, it counts because it is pretty much melted chocolate.

Love lindt bunnies.
My favorite kind of chocolate changes all the time, it depends on what I feel like. Normaly I would go for something like Galaxy, but sometimes it's a bit pricy compared to others. If i'm hungry I would buy a Mars bar as thier filling is thick and keeps you sustained for a while. Lately I've been mad on Star bars, I love thier peanuty filling, it tastes delicious Eee

My least favorite types of Chocolate are: Caramac, it makes me feel sick also and is generaly horrible! Turkish delight, eww, jelly in chocolate is just wrong. Bounty, I don't like cocanut in the first place Tired That's about it realy :\ I prefer fruity sweets to chocolate, I get a bit sick of how heavy it is sometimes.
What's a Stars Bar? I've never heard of them. :3
Dear god how can you people talk this much about carp chocolate?
Roan you don't like chocolate? Not even a bit? D:
(Apr. 15, 2009  9:40 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]What's a Stars Bar? I've never heard of them. :3

I remember seeing that, I asked about it and my Uncle said something about it being one of the older chocolate bars, I think that's what he said.
(Apr. 15, 2009  9:43 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]Roan you don't like chocolate? Not even a bit? D:

Of course I do, but not enough to participate in a 2 page forum thread about the carp. lmao
green and black's maya gold
kinder surprise and kinder softy :3
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