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Full Version: SDamonCronous' Buying Thread
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Hey guys!
This is my MFB wishlist, or a compilation of beys and bey parts that I really want. If you have any of the following parts please leave a reply in this thread or PM me an offer. The offer must include shipping price to Australia. I would prefer if all items were in mint condition or barely used, thanks!
  • WF (single part)
  • TR145 (single part)
  • Hell Kerbecs (single bey)
I will update this list progressively with new beys and parts as I want/need them.
Thanks for looking!

1st General of Team Omega Nova

I have updated the OP and changed the thread title so that there is a wider selection of beys/parts that I want. Please PM me with an offer
Bump, added new wanted parts (TR145 and BD145). Does anyone have any offers?
Bump, added new parts. Any offers?
I has a store. I can order you a Fang Leone (Im ordering big shipment friday )for a cheap price. PM me for more details plz.
I have XF. PM me.
PM's have been sent, any other offers?
(Sep. 08, 2011  10:05 AM)SDamonCronous Wrote: [ -> ]PM's have been sent, any other offers?
I have not yet seen a PM from you, unless you didn't want to PM me :\
I'll re-send it Coasters, I thought I did.
EDIT: I'm in Australia and in your shop it says you can only ship to US and Canada.
Bump, any further offers?
Bump. Any offers at all?
I have updated the OP, please check it.
Updated OP. Any offers?