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Full Version: [Thesaloniki, Greece] greek bladers
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Dear bladers in [Thesaloniki, Greece] there will be a greek tournament info needed is below
when:aug. 27th
where: we will meet up at the enterance of the White Tower of Thesaloniki Thessalonika 54622, Grekland
Time: 3:15 to 3:30
BeyBlade allowed plastics and hms will compete against each other.
universal rules
Also post saying if you can make it there. must bring your own stadium.

Αγαπητοί bladers σε [Θεσσαλονίκη, Ελλάδα] θα υπάρξει μια ελληνική πληροφορίες που απαιτούνται τουρνουά είναι κάτω
Πότε: Αύγουστος 27ο
όπου: θα συναντηθούμε στο enterance του Λευκού Πύργου της Θεσσαλονίκης Θεσσαλονίκη 54622, Grekland
Ώρα: 3:15 - 3:30
BeyBlade επιτρέπεται πλαστικά και HMS θα ανταγωνίζονται μεταξύ τους.
καθολική κανόνες
Επίσης, μετά λέγοντας ότι αν μπορείτε να το κάνετε εκεί. Πρέπει να φέρετε το δικό σας γήπεδο.
Good luck.
You should really use prefixes. Put [Thesaloniki, Greece] at the front of the title. That keeps everything more organized.

Man, I would love to see something in Greece! I was raised very Greek.
hope it goes well my cousins live near thesoliniki maybe they could attend
(Aug. 17, 2011  10:20 PM)capricorn7 Wrote: [ -> ]hope it goes well my cousins live near thesoliniki maybe they could attend

cool if there into beyblade then just tell me how many there are and if they can attend then ill make one
A prefix, by definition, goes at the beginning of something, not at the end.
dude ia it 2012
i live in thessalonika greece but in peyka D: if its 2012 ill telll my DAD if i caan go see ya there ohhh and can i bring metal masters and metal fusion beys?
ded is thessaloniki beyblade stil alive?