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Full Version: FusionPegasis Buying Thread! Updated 24/9/11
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EDIT: Hello bladers, as you can tell from the title, I am interested in buying several Beys/Bey Accessories. Here is the list of Things I am looking for. (When I have a; '√' next to a text that is in RED, it means I have bought it)

HMS Beys:
Dragoon MS - √ EeeEeeEee
Wolborg MS - √ EeeEeeEee
*****Dragoon MSUV*****
*****Dragoon MF*****
Sea Dragon (Preferably Light Blue)
Dark Leopard MS
Phantom Fox MS

Plastic Beys:
Master Dranzer - √
Dragoon V - √
Burning Kerberous - √
Dragoon F - √
Dragoon V2
Dragoon GT - √
Master Dragoon
Kid Dragoon
Dragoon Grip Attacker
Cyber Dragoon
Dark Dragoon
Wolborg 4
Flash Leopard
Flash Leopard 2
Flame Pegasis

*****HMS Customize Launchergrip*****
HMS Tornado Balance Stadium

As you can see in the; 'Accessories/Stadiums' section I have put several '*' next to the 'HMS Customize Launchergrip' text, this is because this is the item I mainly want. So please let me know if you have one & are willing to sell it. if you have several of those beys please tell me the price for EACH INDIVIDUAL item. (Because I may only buy 1 or 2.)
(PLEASE NOTE: Before replying please tell me what condition the bey is in and what edition it is; e.g Original, Limited Edition, etc.)

So please state your price via PM, and i would be kindly happy to negotiate with you. Smile
I've got a Kid Dragoon and Dragoon MS for sale.
(Aug. 17, 2011  2:00 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a Kid Dragoon and Dragoon MS for sale.

How much are you willing to sell each for? & may i please have a look at a photo of their condition, if it wouldn't be too much of a problem, I MAY buy kid dragoon, but at the moment I NEED DRAGOON MS. so yeah haha. please reply asap.
I have dragoon ms if your still looking for it
Anyone have a HMS Launchergrip for sale? I need one. <3
I have ice blue Wolborg, normal Wolborg, hms grip, lots of plastics and I live in Melbourne.

PM me if youre interested.