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Full Version: cyber pegasis
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hey WBO. I'm looking to buy cyber pegasis. Please look at the following.

it must be pay pal only.
the parts must be the face pegasis , clear wheel pegasis , metal wheel pegasis , track 100 , bottom HF.
it could be new or used as long as it is under 20 dollars. (shipping included)
must be REAL!
what i mean by new is with a completely painted metal wheel (game not included) and what i mean by used is with a metal wheel with the paint chipping. (i will buy either)

please PM with the price (shipping included please) NOTE - i do NOT WANT THE GAME!!!!! just the bey Smile

dimsum2u has if for $25 and how are people supposed to PM you when Your PMing is tuned off?
Well since I can't PM you this is how you turn PMs on
1. User Cp
2. Edit Options
Under messaging and notification check yes you want to recieve Private Messages from other Users
You're not gonna find it for $20 including shipping. That's a carp offer. Go with Dimsum2u for $25.