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Full Version: Spectrobes Teams
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So here is a thread where you can talk about you Spectrobes Teams. So my two are Spectrobes Lv.56 Samugeki (Sasuke) Lv.61 Spikanor (Spike) Lv.51 Grildragos Drafly (Gil) Lv.53 Aobasar Apex (Aero) Lv.45 Inkaflare Auger (Inka) Lv.43 Danaphant Tuska(Dan) Lv.1 Komainu (Pup) and the Wing Geo Shulla. My Beyond The Portals Team is Lv.81 Harumitey Lanza (Lance) Lv. 87 Elozar (Elo) Lv.57 Zyrdrake (Dracos) Lv.50 Makadoros (Gasher) Lv.99 Grildragos (Wyrm) Lv.99 Spikanor (Spike) Lv.21 Leo (Mufasa) and the Ice Geo Artezza.
Spectrobes is so old. I can't even remember the names anymore. I'll try to find my game. But i still LOVE spectrobes. My very first ds game.
they're only from last year. were the games really received that badly that nobody remembers them? come on, now. the Wii game wasn't that bad. there is absolutely no reason for people to remember games from 10 years ago, and not remember this at all
I used to play the Wii version with my cousin; I was always the Spectrobe. I remember he had some Pegasus type-thing that you could use to travel around the world faster.

One time I found a working Spectrobes game attached to an Action Replay at school that I wanted to keep so badly, but my mom made me bring it to the lost and found Unhappy I liked Spectrobes since the first game.
I still haven't completed the wii game yet. I'm stuck on the fire planet. The krawl boss is so hard for me. I got specrobes that are strong against it but i still get defeated everytime.
me too! I got a level 70 Tiazoa, and that gets it down to half, but my others aren't strong enough. the closest I got is going to be in a diagram. say this is his full hp bar:


I got it down to here:


Try Optoger heres his code 258-441-816.
I already got all the rares except for the beast king ultimate form, and one other that I can't identify. flamerax, mizusar, optoger, bombzar, and the cannon beetle looking one, I unlocked with codes, and have pegatinum as well. all that's left are the two.
Carp, this is an old thread, I play Spectrobes. Or, used to. I still haven't beaten the Wii game due to school. Can't remember my team, its been like, a year since I stopped playing Spectrobes.