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Full Version: WTB Blue Customize Handle Grip Launcher Used In G-revolution
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hey people this is my first thread so go easy on me Tongue_out

ive been looking for a while now for a customize grip handle launcher
that came out during the g revolution series but cant find any on the net by them selves, their either in wholesales or in a beyblade lot which im not wanting.
it doesnt need to be brand new but in good condition, blue in colour, with or with out the extra grip accessories.
am willing to pay up to $40-$50 for the item.
and i am also willing to trade items if other people are willing.
let me know if any of you guys know of one around for sale or even if you have one and arent using.
it would be greatly appreciated Smile
if anyone needs an image of what it loks like ill post one up, i cant at the moment as the computer is playing up Uncertain

I've got one. Got some accessories too.
oh sweet! is it possible to see a picture of it all?
Yeah. I'll take a pic soon and send it to you by PM.
cant wait cheers!