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Full Version: [Buying]BB-105;BB-106 and BB-108[UPDATE]
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I´am interested in this Beyblades at the moment:

L Drago Destroy
Big Bang Pegasis
Fang Leone

I´m don´t more interested on those Beyblades(I have two of them and I will buy the other in the future)

But at this moment I want very Digital Launcher!

Please PM my with your prices.

PS:If you don´t send to Portugal don´t PM to me please.You can send the prices in Dollars,GBP etc...

We have many sellers who sell world-wide; considering your requests are neither 'rare' or of previous Beyblade eras you will have a very easy time looking for what you want at the right price. Go through the Selling sub-forum to find what you want. Use an online currency converter considering most sellers prices are in USD, not Euros.

I´m don´t more interested in the Beyblades.

I´am still looking for Digital Launcher!

If someone have PM please.
It sucks and it's a waste of money.
If you sayin that...

You know if Custom Grip Launcher of Hasbro it´s good?I´m looking for a good Grip Launcher.
There's little difference between most grips. Yes it's fine. By custom grip you mean the one that comes with the red grip rubber?
No,I´m saying that with comes with Angle Compass of Hasbro.
I'm not sure. Ask in the Ask a Question get an answer topic.
I can sell all 3 to you. PM sent.
(Sep. 14, 2011  9:50 AM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]It sucks and it's a waste of money.

Digital Power Launcher is better than Beylauncher...
The one with the angle compass? its not good its really shaky and unstable...