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Full Version: [Buying] Hell Kerbecs BD145EWD (the blue one)
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Well, I know this one is VERY rare and expensive, but I'd really like him, so if anyone has it and would like to sell it;
I'm interested! Smile
It was given away to 3000 people because of the "30 million beyblade"-thingy. :p
It's probably worth well over $200 now just to tell ya.
WOW, I thought like 100 dollars. xD
To bad :p
And NO ONE is going to give that up. Sorry kid.
yeah i vcant even find one for sale on the web, not one. The only person i know that has one is akirasdaddy and he got his for 200 dollars plus
It's probably worth well over $250 - $300 you can get it on Yahoo Japan Auctions

I even saw one for 30,000 Yen.