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With so many different countries part of WBO I've began to wonder what its like in different countries or if there is any difference at all. Im not exepecting anything major, just share anything you find interesting about your country.
nice thread Smile
well... i dont really like my country (saudi) tbh Confused
women cnt cinema...
but i also like it cuz it has mecca in it. and cuz we have a lot of money due to gas Wink
and i like that people here are crazy about soccer!
about the weather. its soooo hot in summer and sooo cold in winter. and it rains rarely. like a week or less every year. trees and plants die reallty fast when you plant them. but there is this kind of tree that you see everywhere cuz it doesnt need a lot of water,it is usually very long and has dated. i donno what it is called in english.

about my real country (Palestine). i dont know cuz i have never visited it Unhappy
This is similiar to the 'what country do you live in thread' but whatever.
I love London and the UK, just wish it was a bit warmer and had the type of rain that rained really heavily for a short while and then just stopped, not the type where it drizzles on and off for a few days and you don't get properly wet, just wet enough that everything is uncomfortable and your hair goes gross. Also, in other countries it's hot even when it's raining. I love that. Grin
Also, I like that the UK is smaller as, aspecially for me, everything is close. Where I live, if I hop on a train for a few minutes in one direction, I'm in Central London and if I drive for 10 minutes in the other direction, I'm in the countryside. And then it only takes a couple of hours before I hit the coast. Grin
However, the wildlife is boring and whilst the scenery is pretty, once you've seen it all before it can get dull. I wish we has tigers and tropical birds and rainforests and ice caps and cool stuff like that. Or even fireflies would be fine. XD I love fireflies.
I'm somewhat in the same place as Rocky but it would take 30-40 minutes to get to London on a train but who cares. I don't mind my country but it can be a pain like trying to get a job and the whole credit crunch thing but that is happening everywhere at the moment, right? Anyway, there is Devon and cornwall that are good to go to, mostly countryside and beaches (pointy part of our island at the bottom.) which is nice but it's not my kind of thing really, I don't like peace and quit but I can't live without being near a town of some sort. Theres not much else I can think of but there is more.
In actuality it probably takes like 20 minutes to get over the river and into Victoria it just feels really quick for me. In my head, Central London is like 1mile x 1mile in area and I can walk/tube anywhere within in a matter of minutes. XD

Devon and Cornwall are really nice but I get bored if I go there with my family because it's just us four. If I lived there or went in a group I can imagine it being fun to go surfing/body boarding with friends and such.

In fact, because of such reasons, I adore Norfolk (well, the Broads). I go their with a big group of friends yearly and in smaller groups a little more often and we just go sailing/canoeing and play card games/drink/hang out in general and such. It's so relaxing being out there - it's really flat and kinda isolated and the rivers are so pretty. Plus because it's flat, the weather blows over quickly, like how I wanted in my previous post. Grin I have a lot of happy memories from Norfolk. Joyful_3
What comes to mind for me when it comes to the beach is mostly relaxing or rock climbing, I love doing rock climbing but I don't really know why and I seem got at it. Over than that I don't think I would enter the sea in any way at all, well, maybe walk along it but thats about it.

The main thing that puts down this country is all the losers out there that stay up really late and drink until they can't stand and are always making trouble. Also, people that always think there all it and hard and no one can touch them, espically when with friends, those kind of people I don't like.
I dont like ho the US just has to be different XD. Example: The metric scale. Everywhere (?) uses it (mainly) but us.
Haha. Reminds me of the whole no-we-won't-accept-the-euro-we're-british thing. XD
(Apr. 13, 2009  4:57 PM)Rocky Wrote: [ -> ]Haha. Reminds me of the whole no-we-won't-accept-the-euro-we're-british thing. XD

Yeah, they were going to do it, i think but in the end they didn't and to be honest, I'm glad they didn't, it would have confused me completely.
The thing i like about the US weather wise is that if you don't like the weather wherever you are you can always go somewhere else in the US that has whatever weather you want.
It wouldn't only cause we use the Pound it seems more natural.
(Apr. 13, 2009  5:09 PM)Giga Wrote: [ -> ]It wouldn't only cause we use the Pound it seems more natural.

Well, yeah but I have problems with things like that, for example, I can't tell the difference between kgs, Grams, etc.
(Apr. 13, 2009  5:09 PM)Maz Wrote: [ -> ]The thing i like about the US weather wise is that if you don't like the weather wherever you are you can always go somewhere else in the US that has whatever weather you want.

That's a really nice thought. Joyful_3

And Zander, I'm rubbish with stuff like that too but there's really no excuse for it. XD
Well, it doesn't really matter anyway until it happens, when it happens I'll just make sure I keep my brain in gear and get it right.
Australlia! 8D
Okay, I love it but their are some bad things. Australia has lots of sun and generally a warm nice weather, but it can get pretty damn cold in the middle of winter, our beaches are awesome and yea there are lots of cool stuff about Australia and it's not crowded. But the bad things are that it can soooo hot you want to die, seriously, i hate summer, and that it doesn't rain so much, maybe like 2-3 times a month( usualy big storms) which sucks cause I love rain. But overall Australia is a nice place to be living at.