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Full Version: [Philadelphia, PA] 8/13/11 The Problem's Solution
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You don't need it. You can run a tournament with 1 stadium. It's better than having no tournaments at all.
Ok, Problem were having another tourney!!!!!!!
Oh yeah, what the name of our video again?
What video?

Here are the tournament match results. Winners of the battles are on the left, losers are on the right:
Burn Leon and Kerion were the only bladers to purchase passports at this event.
The tourney video
I didn't upload it yet. Just wait a bit for it, okay?
OK, and you put Nuclear Hades lost to DarkRyuga1 twice.
which match numbers?
Nevermind, I found the first one, but can't find the second one again, maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me, sorry
my bro black wing did not lost to
Yeah, I tried. Hmm, I got an idea. Why not just host it here again Uncertain if everyone's up to it again, and if I'm allowed, then let's do it yaaaayyyyy lol.
Ok, let's try to set the date on the 21st or the 30th I'll go see if there is going to be another event at Kingsessing playground, (we got free food Eee) and do you have a TT Attack Stadium?
This topic is about the tournament that is already over by the way, not next ones.
Sorry, just got a little excited
(Aug. 15, 2011  3:41 AM)mirmir Wrote: [ -> ]my bro black wing did not lost to
Thanks, I just read the results wrong. I'll correct it now.

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