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Full Version: ToKao's Buying Thread - Buying all MFB -
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Hai Everybody Tongue_out

ToKao here Tongue_out (or Fyurity)

I'm lookin to buy any MFB. Post here your offer then I will PM you or just PM me. I only accept OFFERS! Do not ask saying "How much will you pay for a Pegasus?" I will not respond...I hate making offers...anyway...

dragoon g is around 3-4 gbp by dimsum2u...
and i have purple dranzer ms (with normal metal flat rc)
Ebay is normally good for cheap plastic beys.
Try wwqqyang, she got plenty of plastics
Looking for driger for cheap price. In box please.
You'll never find a "cheap" NIB Driger. I have some opened 4 saints bitbeast blades. If you're interested, PM me with some specific blades in mind and we'll talk.
Well when i say cheap i mean im not going over 50 dollars...
Update I found out I want MFB please makes offers!
PM me for MFB, I have a few doubles I'd be willing to sell for the right price, and extra parts you can see in my selling thread.
EDIT: What I mean is PM me, and I'll give you a list of some I can sell.
Are you wanting them NIB, mint, or used? You should include that in the OP. If it's okay for them to be used, check out my thread in my signature, I have plenty of parts.