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Full Version: Bakuten Shoot Beyblade R2J DVD-Rips 1-31
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Bakuten Shoot Beyblade R2J DVD-Rips ~ AVI - by DranzerX13

Updated on 08/29/2011

DranzerX13 brings you Bakuten Shoot Beyblade in Widescreen format. Of course the DVDs themselves are 4:3, but nowadays most stuff is in 16:9. I encode them to 16:9 and they look awesome. Metal Fight Beyblade is in 16:9, so I thought, why not?

I'm going to be encoding from all of my Bakuten Shoot Beyblade/2002/G Revolution DVDs. I even have the rare TV Spots for them as well.

Encoded By: DranzerX13
Source: DVD9
Size: ~ Around 300 MB
File Type: AVI
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (Widescreen)
Screen Resolution: 704x396
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: None
Episodes: 1-31

TV Spots:
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade TV Spot
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2002 TV Spot
Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G Revolution TV Spot


01. Explosive Battle, Go Shoot!
02. Howl, Seiryu! The Birth of Dragoon
03. A New Friend, His Name is Max


04. Begin! The Battle Tournament
05. Clash! Max vs. Kai
06. Sweep! Dragoon Storm


07. Takao vs. Kai - A Destined Showdown
08. Formation! Team BBA to the World
09. A New Holy Beast, The White Tiger Clan
10. Run up there! The Asian Tournament
11. Rei Looses Byakko!


12. Goodbye, Team BBA!
13. Shout out, Rei! Howl, Byakko!
14. Defaults? A Team BBA Division
15. A Battle to the Finish! For the Top of Asia!
16. Byakko vs. The Mountain Cat


17. Final Battle! Jet-Black Lightning!
18. He is Defeated! The Small Blader
19. Landing on a New Battlefield!
20. The Fearsome American Power!
21. Intensive Training! Seeking New Battle Power!


22. The President vs. A Worldwide Selection
23. Begin! The American Tournament
24. The American Hero, Michael's Power!
25. The Semi-final Super High-speed Circuit!
26. Crash! The American Tournament Finals


27. The Hot Scorching Scorpion!!
28. Conclusion! The American Tournament
29. BBA: What's Left After the Heated Battle
30. The One Who Follows the Holy Beast
31. Going on a Journey to Europe, and a Disturbance
Did we not use to have this topic ? It seems it just disappeared ...
The old topic with these episodes I deleted like almost a year ago. I had to delete the old thread because all the links no longer worked. I made a huge mistake uploading them on Cailany's KBS MU account. We had worked together in encoding the eps. Then one day she told me she was taking KBS down for good, bit didnt realise she also meant her MU account as well. When she took that down, all the episodes went down with it.
OK, but by the way we never delete topics. Simply closing it would have been better.
thanks for the links ^^

have you the others eps ?
Of course I do. I'll upload like a volume or 2 each week.
(Aug. 10, 2011  5:45 PM)DranzerX13 Wrote: [ -> ]Of course I do. I'll upload like a volume or 2 each week.

you're the best \o/

I will wait for this =)
12-21 (Season 1) R2J avi added.
thx Smile
Right now my internet connection is pretty slow, most likely I'll have to wait until next month to start downloading, but finding this a huge relief. I just registered to thank you properly for your dedication and work for this series. Seriously, thank you.
22-26 (Season 1) R2J avi added.
thanks a lot
27-31 (Season 1) R2J avi added.
thanks !!!

no news for next ep ??
what's going on ??
Awesome! I always wanted to watch them in the original jap. Thanks for the uploads!
Thank you very much for uploading XD
Waiting for the next episodes Smile
just a question here, the japanese site saids there's 51 episodes. will you be making ep 32-51 ?
Give him time. He's now working with the Stardust Fansubs for Metal Fight Beyblade stuff. I forgot the specifics, but you can check them on the Stardust Fansubs thread. ATM, those will probably be more of a priority. ATM.
Hm... I couldn't finish downloading the serie 'cause megaupload is not working anymore...
Would you be so kind to upload it again? I'd be really grateful if you could =)
(Sep. 17, 2012  3:00 AM)miyu Wrote: [ -> ]Hm... I couldn't finish downloading the serie 'cause megaupload is not working anymore...
Would you be so kind to upload it again? I'd be really grateful if you could =)

Ignoring the fact that the links on that thread are all dead, I think miyu was looking for the Japanese version that used to be linked in this thread.