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Full Version: [Sarawak,Malaysia]The Bey Unseal![17/09/11]
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Hey World Beybladers!Ready for another tournament in Malaysia?Then here it is!
Venue:-Pustaka Negeri Sarawak(Might change if we have 50 Bladers!)
Time:-10.30 AM sharp for registration.Starts at 11.30 AM
Prizes:-1st:-Beyblade stuffs worth $25
2nd:-Beyblade stuffs worth $20
3rd:-Beyblade stuffs worth $15
Fees:-5$ for non-passport holders,free for passport holders
Format:-Round Robin (Maybe Double Elimination)
Number of stadiums:-5
Possible list:-
Attendees list:-
Kay The Great
Da'z's twin
Da'z's 2 cousins
My 2 friends
Edited with banner
Why is there so many in Sarawak lol..... I rarely see WBO tournaments in KL...
Because there are rarely any WBO members in KL
i'll maybe attending...
OK.Added to possible.
is it possible if i come an hour late. i have tuition
wouldnt mind.we can play freeplay first
ok cause my tuition ends at like 11:30. PBK
looking forward to this day...hopefully it'll work....
Yeah.Let's see who is da winner
Good luck Whatzzer !
Hope everything goes well .
Kay The Great will be joining as well later..Smile
Benjohadi's GF might be attending..not so sure..
Oh,ok.Any others who wants to come ?
(Sep. 09, 2011  8:48 AM)Benjohadi Wrote: [ -> ]Kay The Great will be joining as well later..Smile
put his name in the possible attendees. he's not so sure whether he come to the tourney or not....

edit: ignore the last statement. he will be coming with us on that day. This is a confirm one. Counting the hours before the tournament..XD
Benjohadi's GF wont be attending..
Shukri will be attending as well..Smile
ohh mah god , omg omg!! cant wait
It will be tomorrow.Good luck to everyone!
(Sep. 16, 2011  2:48 PM)IeatBEYBLADE Wrote: [ -> ]ohh mah god , omg omg!! cant wait

Fetch us early dude..XD XD..
Wee!2 more hopurs to the tournament!If you guys are looking for me,find someone that uses a blue shirt and has bladers equipments.
How did this turn out guys?
I lost.
1st;Dr. Peace
How is the Metagame in Malaysia ?
And , what combos were at this tournament ?
Eh..i thought Boboy is third place?can you please recheck on the results might differently..
MF-H Vari Ares BD145 LRF/R2F conquer most of the batte..i lost to it twice since the other guy borrrow the Vari Ares..thats sucks..i hope there are rules attendees cannot borrw others MW..the rest f fine though..hahahahahahah

then..The most hardest combo to beat, MF-H Basalt Kerbecs BD145 RS/CS
thats sucks..

Also please list down allattendees with their placing..
sorry that the pics are not many..even forgot totake pics for all of the attendees..sorry fo that guys..the heat from the sun and the tense results from the game really troubling me..
i will upload all the pics we got later..
hey Whatzzer im suppose to be in 3rd place, as benjohadi stated there. HOHO MF-H Hell Kerbecs RS/RF/CS/WD is my combo Grin
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