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Full Version: plastic beyblades
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Hi im looking for these beyblades

dranzer f

driger f

dragoon v2

dranzer v2

and engine gear beyblades And cay you put them on ebay.
I assume since you're only buying it where you are you don't have paypal? Anyway if you do i'm from the UK and i've got a Draciel G for sale.
if anyone is selling a dragoon g or gt in scarborough or close to scarborough plz tell me.
I take it you don't want my Draciel G then?
(Aug. 08, 2011  9:11 AM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]I take it you don't want my Draciel G then?

sorry man i dont have paypal and im not allowed to buy from the internet
if you are selling any gt beys on ebay please pm me
updated op
updated op again
it is not that hard to search on ebay dude..XD
they are all over ebay..