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Full Version: [Portugal, Porto 20/8/2011 ] Beyblade Summer Bash
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Location : Parque da Cidade ( Porto )
Date : 20th of August 2011
Time : 3 pm at the meeting point
Cost : 3.50 Euros
Format : Round Robin

Attendes :
Pedro Fonte
joao ribeiro
(And some people from PBO)

Me and tixblader are organizing this tournament ! This is the second WBO official tournament in Portugal so I'm really excited ! Later on , I'll be organizing many more tournaments so this is only the beggining Grin !
Thanks Vamasco and tixblader,the tournament is gonna be awesome, can´t wait.
finally! Now we need to poke tournament official!
never mess in the bar of the tournament events -.-
Awesome , right now we have 12 people to this tournament !
This is going to be one of the most awesome days of my life !
Thank you all Wink !
man i wish i lived in portugal even though i am Portuguese i live in the united states but when i go to Portugal i live in Fermentelos,Aveiro im going there to to see my family next year hopefully u can have a tournament in 2012 too
Try to organize a tournament in the USA .
And when you come back to visit us in Portugal , I'll try to organize a tournament ;D .
Are you thinking doing in Lisbon (Portugal) when ?????
Well , probably at BeyDays 2012 ( 28th or 29th of May ) .
I can't attend this, but good luck to everyone playing. Hope you guys have fun =)
Thank you KoD PT ! Nice to see we have your support Wink !
It's happening ... TOMORROW !
Good luck everyone !
the tournament was really cool: D
So, what combos did everyone use during the tourney? Will there be any pics and/or videos?
I suppose you know who got 1º , 2º and 3º .
If not , tixblader got 1º with Gravity Perseus CH120R2F and MF Basalt Bull GB145WD .
I got 2º with MF Rock Serpent BD145HF/S and Gravity Perseus 100R2F .
And last but not least is kilar that got 3º place using MF Earth Pegasis W105SD and Galaxy Pegasis H145R2F .
I saw some uncostomized beys and teached some guys to make some good costumazations .. I saw a Hell Horogium 125(I Think)WD , Burn Virgo 105BS , Basalt Kerbecs SW145DS , Burn Aquario 100HF , Lightning LDrago 100HF/S . Uncostomized Earth Virgo GB145BS , Meteo LDrago LW105LF , Storm Pegasis 105RF , Counter Leone 145D , Night Virgo DF145BS .
tixblader is going to make a video , and I think I'm going to post some pictures right now .
Too bad you didn't make it Kod PT .. Next time I hope ..

Click the link to go and see a few photos of the tournament .
I should have taken my video camera but I forgot Uncertain .