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Full Version: My Japanese Coach
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Thinking of purchasing it. Does anyone have any comments on it/reasons I should or shouldn`t buy it?
i have spanish coach. btw if you didnt really want to learn japanese this wont help. they will ask you to memorize things so you can go to he next lesson.
so if you really want to learn it i find it more helpfull than getting a teacher. so go for it!
Thanks pegasis Smile .

And, was the "didnt" in your first sentence a typo Confused
NO! i mean if you want to get it for fun it wont help cuz u will get boared from it fast.
I hear this isn't very good for people who know next to little Japanese.
^Hmmm. K. All I can do is count XD .
It's good for learning vocab. I thought it was laid out quite well, I just stopped because I was supposed to be learning german and it didn't help to have Japanese going through my head as well. It is mainly a memory game though. I'd get it if you can find it for a decent price. Joyful_3
why do you want to learn japanese
(Apr. 10, 2009  1:37 AM)Artie Wrote: [ -> ]why do you want to learn japanese

he prob has a certain reason but even then i think its cool just trying to learn as many languages as possible. Id get too bored if i didnt learn everything right away but i wish i could learn different languages.
(Apr. 10, 2009  1:37 AM)Artie Wrote: [ -> ]why do you want to learn japanese

My Japanese Coach: Every weeaboo's dream game