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Full Version: [TRADING] dark warrior awsome part trading shop
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hi this is ragging blaze v trading thread yes
i have pic now and i swear to god im not a scamer
if u want these parts pm or post
new beys

-Pegasis/Pegasus x3
-Capricorn x2
-Cancer/Gasher x2
-meto ldrago

-beylauncher x3(red, green, and blue)

-Metal face x2

custom hand grip (meatal masters)
Clear Wheels:
-Pegasis/Pegasus x2 (1 special edition)
-Leone x2(1 custom)
-Cancer/Gasher x2(TT and HASBRO)
-meto ldrago

Metal Wheels:
-Rock x2(1 gold)
-Inferno x2
-Thermal x2

-105 x5

Performance Tips:
-HF x2

like i said post or pm
i would like but u dont have to if u dont want to
-ray unicorno-galaxy pegusis-graviy perseus-cyber pegusis-bokusin -counter leon-burn fire blaze

plastics :
-dragoon wolborg
-sol blaze
and any others

still uploding
Lunches? Lol what?

Lots of spelling mistakes my friend. Just interested on some parts...
ya i now i made mistakes
i kinda horable at spelling
what parts do u want
(Aug. 04, 2011  1:08 PM)DeX Wrote: [ -> ]Lunches? Lol what?

I was just gonna mention that, "Lunches" and "Meateals" lol, I feel like I'm in a sandwich shop xD

But yeah, what plastics are you interested in? You need to be more specific.
And how's a Hasbro G. Peg. sound to you? (not really, I wouldn't trade something that bad to anyone)
i like dranzer
and wolfborg
u mean wolborg? where do u live? i mean countrywise
fang fireblaze Wrote:i like dranzer
and wolfborg

I have like one blue Hasbro Dragoon Galaxy that had super glue spilled on it, but you probably wouldn't want that even though it still works, one complete Dragoon S, and another Reverse Dragon.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Storm Grip was painted a pinkish-purple color, so a not so complete Dragoon,
but I do have a gold SK Driger coming that came today
i live in waldorf marland
and sure ill take it
i love dragoon
copy this and edit your post:

there's no such thing as "gravity bowl" as an performance tip.
gravity ball rock scorpio tip
Umm, bro, that's JB as in Jog Ball. The one with spikes on it, right.
o sorry
i thuogh it was gravity ball
becuse my freind hunter said it wasGasp
(Aug. 04, 2011  1:56 PM)fang fireblaze Wrote: [ -> ]o sorry
i thuogh it was gravity ball
becuse my freind hunter said it wasGasp

Hunter said that was itt was Earth Virgo's spin track don't use his real name he has a account you know (mfflamepegasus)
ok i wont use peoples name
I'll trade you a poison for a earth.
Sorry is the Earth new or used?
new i just got a new one
i did not know that
ops srry
two bey peices gone and why wont no one post or trade this is my first time man
I would consider, if everything was organized...
And by that I mean could you seperate the sections of the parts like this? Ex:
Just trying to help.
oh ok thanks would you like any parts
Picture of Beylauncher-L Please
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