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Full Version: Computer viruses!
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My sister's computer isn't booting up. I mean, the computer gets to the repair screen/advance boot up screen, but when we click "Start up Repair," it freezes. Any? I need help, stat.
Have you attempted to use System Restore? Is a BSOD being displayed when it boots? If you have the install disc you can try and use the System Restore feature on that instead. There are also some utilities that will be scan your HDD/Memory for errors at launch, you can always try them to diagnose the problem.
All the options I have when pressing F8 do not work. I don't know what even happened to the computer. I don't know the cause, which is a disadvantage. She did download something ... but I don't know ...
best thing if all else fails just reformat and instal a new os preferably linux because linux is nearly completly virus free, works well and somtimes free
I'll try. But, we can buy a new computer. Thanks, anyways!
Why buy a new computer when you can use a free program that's just as good? Linux, especially Ubuntu or CentOS, are very secure. Especially if you install other virus protection softwares.
Hmm. I'll just say, my dad is willing to get a new computer (and my family is divorced) so I wanna squeeze money out of him. Plus, changing the OS is annoying, and I'd rather just get a new computer.
not really if you just get a second computer and download a OS in a .ISO file and then burn that using like POWERISO or deamontools lite ( btw there both free and secure i use both Tongue_out) then place it in the cd drive boot up then load using cd to boot
Hmm... I'll thry. Thanks for all the help, though!
i got one virus, quite common i might say. it may not be the most devastating, but i was freaked out. back when the beyblade phantom orion was out, the skeleton version also came to be. i clicked it, then it said that my computer had viruses, which was a load of rotten cheese because i was scanning it lol... i shut down my computer.. and it was gone.. OR AT LEAST I THOUGHT. out of complete random, this program Security Shield popped up, and ANYTHING i did, it said it was infected with viruses, let me say i was watching a youtube video. after, i intensively tried to remove it, and it worked! this was back in november, and yeah i discovered this site called YourF@#$&*now! and it opens up OVER 9000 (really lol) internet explorer pages, and the only way out, is to shut it down. i never tried it, and never will. later at school, some fool went there and that guy was scared out of his mind.. i was laughing so hard..
How did you remove it? With antivirus?
Any time your browser opens a popup that says "You have viruses" and has a button to clean them or whathaveyou, that is itself a javascript built to install a virus/malware when you click it.

Just so you know.
I know.
Unless you were talking to someone else...
Also, they sometimes just hide the download button with the clean button. You download without knowing.
I was speaking to the person at the end of the last page, to whom you were speaking prior.

Interacting with adware javascripts at all will download it, generally, and most of them do not even require your interaction; they will simply download.
(May. 23, 2012  9:00 PM)Yukio Wrote: [ -> ]How did you remove it? With antivirus?

yeah, but it was like trying to revive ripped paper.. i'll tell you it was actually kinda freaky.. cuz EVERYTHING i did, that security shield FULL SCREEN popped up.. crikey.
Safe Moding your computer is basically the only way to bypass that unless you can figure out which process it's impersonating in your Process List(assuming you can even get to it).
just got my school computer back today because it had one of those stupid ¨fake anti-virus¨ viruses. that is the one i get everytime. ive gotten 4 virus attacks, 2 on school computers, witch makes it easy to fix for those as the files for school are on the school network and all my personal carp on a USB, so all they need to do is format the computer. whats anoying at the moment is that i can't acess my school laptop till i go to school (picked it up before work experience) and i don't have school for another 2 weeks. another good thing is the viruses i get are normally ones trying to get credit card numbers, witch i never use, and passwords to things such as E-bay, witch i dont have. so the guys making these viruses are stupid.
Well people who make viruses don't chose people they want to infect; you just get it if it spreads to you. I wouldn't call them "stupid," at least because they can actually create such dangerous and effective things(viruses).
(Aug. 04, 2011  1:15 AM)Yukio Wrote: [ -> ]Hello. This is a thread to disscuss about any computer viruses you have had or have, and about any dangerous sites you know of that contain viruses, to help other people reduce thier chances of getting viruses. Here is my stroy: I downloaded Roblox and my sisters computer started to go very slow. I thought it was spyware. Then, when scanning my sister's PC, it crashed and I saw the BSOD9Blue Screen Of Death).
Scary, huh?
So there you go!

P.S. I seached and did not find any threads that are the same/similar.
Gasp I didn't know Roblox had a virus in it. Does that mean I should stop playing Roblox?

Honestly, that sounds more like Roblox overheated some part of his hardware causing a fatal system crash.
OK, thanks for the info. I don't know much about computers and viruses.
My Aunt had a virus that literally screamed at you. A little screen pops up saying "YOU HAVE A VIRUS!" anda girl screams really loud in the background.
I don't think thats a real virus, it could have been a prank.
No, it's real. Her computer is all screwed up. I have made prank viruses before and nothing like this. haha.
(Jun. 30, 2012  5:31 AM)TriSexy Wrote: [ -> ]No, it's real. Her computer is all screwed up. I have made prank viruses before and nothing like this. haha.
OK then. I just thought that because it would be weird to have a real virus YELL at you.

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