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hello all, i got my picutres up now! <- Has my Name written on a cardboard piece!

List of MFB stuff on sale (excluding Performance Tips/Spin Tracks)
Pre HWS Pegasis
Pre HWS Aquario
Storm Pegasis
Earth Virgo
Earth Eagle
Vulcan Horuseus
Dark Wolf
Ray Unicorno
Meteo L Drago Reshuffle Set

Performance Tips/ Spin Tracks
x5 RF
x1 BS
x1 WD
x1 D
x1 FS
x1 CS
x1 LRF
x1 RS
x1 LF
x1 XF

x2 Metal Faces
x2 Metal Face (Heavy/Feather)
Blue Beylauncher
Red Beylauncher
Black Launcher Grip
White Launcher Grip
White 3 Segment Grip (I took off the Beypoint Card slot cuz it was ugly)
Light Launcher 2
Beylauncher L
Takara Tomy Attack Stadium

Dragoon MS (Great Condition)

Post or PM me offers! I want to sell big portions of the lot if not all of it at once, because I need some quick money to get a gift for somebody!

Thanks for looking Smile

By the way, if you are looking to buy the entire lot, I am asking for maybe 250$ minimum.
NIB BB-32, Dragoon MS, Meteo L Reshuffle already total to around 220$, and I am also including the assortment of accessories and other beys. So the starting bid is at 250!
are you selling the beypointer card and do you sell to australia
I'll start the bid.$250
how much for the white or black launcher grip
I'm not very willing to sell just parts/accessories, sorry.

Okay Whattzers got the winning bid so far @ 250 for everything!

I'll end the auction on Friday.
Bump! Any more offers on the lot? It's including Dragoon MS !
Won The bid.Hehe.