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Full Version: MyBrute
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Well this is a good time waster! You basically make these cute little avatars and watch them murder each other!
LOL its so quick and easy. mine is brokenhama

LMAO edit: I dunno but my strength is so stacked.
just now I was getting stabbed thought i was finished because my hammer[?] which didn't know I had, couldn't land a hit.
only one hit i would be done, then my hammer connected. BOOOWWWWW o OHKO LMAO so satisfied
edit 2? screen cap
[img][Image: mybrute.jpg][/img]

This is pretty neat Grin
haha Grin this is pretty cool!

have 2 right now, one under brad and and another one which has some nice strength.

Someone get to level 10 so we can make a clan!
LOL this is soo funny. XD

Too bad it's only a few fights a day :\
Calling it right now:

This will become the next WeeWar for us; we'll all be addicted for a week, and then it will fall into obscurity. Tongue_out_wink
BOOya I love my dude.
yo you can replay fights! awsome
this is really cool!
lmao while I was away my brute was challenged...LMAO HAHAHAHA sucker. OHKO
Anyone Level 10? If anyone reaches level 10 make a WBO Clan Grin
by the time any of us reaches level 10 we'll not care about this anymore
Such a killjoy brad :o
(Apr. 09, 2009  7:14 AM)Blue Wrote: [ -> ]lmao while I was away my brute was challenged...LMAO HAHAHAHA sucker. OHKO

that will be me who did that Unhappy
mine is a lv 2 name joey777
I missed this. I'ma make one.
someone beat me when i was gone Unhappy
anyone feel free to challenge me
So, how do we do that?
i guess you can't ... lol
Nevermind, you can search for people.(login, go to the arena, and then search) I think I just beat you, lol, unless there's someone else on that site named BeyBrad.
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