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Full Version: [SSS] (Schaumberg IL) BEY SLAY THE THIRD!
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ALRIGHT GUYS! After Wrapping up BEY SLAY II ive decided were going back to schaumberg! so SATURDAY AUGUST 6th at Schaumberg Skate Plaza! exact location (1675 Old Schaumburg Road Schaumburg, IL Illinois 60194). Tourny will start at 3:30 so be on time if you want to make it in the bracket! TOYWIZ WILL BE SPONSORING THIS EVENT!!. Comment below if you wanna test your skills at the only tournament in Illinois. This Time around Prizes are gonna be VERY GENEROUS! so sign up early to secure your spot! Pm me or comment below for any questions.

Brave Few:

Gasher Master
pegosis efta
wait its offical? o.O awesome
How is it official if there is only 5 people
nice Generous prizes
This event is "special" so I got to make it official a little early
Ok I am 95% sure now I can come. I guess you can put me on the coming list
yay tht makes 6
Yup, so as I said earlier, put me and SilverPoseidon on MAYBE list. I will be in the area, I just realized.
doesnt silver poseidon have to say hes coming himself?
I'll be taking him there [or visa versa] if we come.
ohh i get it now cool
Argh, why is it that whenever there's a tournament in Illinois, I have to go somewhere else?Sorry, guess I shouldn't be complaining. Maybe I'll just host a tournament myself on my own time.

As you can see, this post means I'm not coming. Wish I could, though.
Put me on maybe brah.
LIST UPDATED! lets get some more sign ups!!
ya im def coming!
my bro cnt go hes going to his dad this week srry Tongue_out but i can still go
Put me and eaglelibra on the yes list cause we will definitely be there
WE HAVE OUR 8 BRAVE BLADERS! Does anyone else wanna test their skill?
Excuse me you put mrblader2000 on twice so. We only have sevenu
still got 8 tho xD
Cool we got the 8 we need. This competition is going to be awesome.
Ethan37066 said he was on the maybe list in the other thread you might have missed it though.
This event is coming up FAST! I'm really excited to see how it goes since this is the first of the series!
It's gonna be alotta fun! Illinois has some great bladers
i might come so put me on the Maybe List
how many beys can u enter
how many beys can u enter
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