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Full Version: [Toronto, Ontario, 8/6/2011] Bey Fray II - Dufferin Grove Park
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I might be there but most likely I would! So put on possible plz!
Hah, of course Dan.
We need to have another match. (:
hahaha sure. Glad you're back man!
im coming
im coming
put me in possible
count me in Grin
(Jul. 26, 2011  5:30 AM)ali12345456 Wrote: [ -> ]count me in Grin

nice youtube channel! I found myself in one of your vids!
Put me on maybe
(Jul. 25, 2011  6:53 PM)Pockyx3 Wrote: [ -> ]You know i'm making this one, no way am I going to miss another after the 3 tournaments I did miss.
I'll be selling the following, PM me with offers if you wish to purchase something, there is no set price but you make the offer not me, also only serious and realistic offers please.

x2 Hell KerbecsBD145DS(?) <~ It's in the Set.
x2 Set -- Contains Flame Byxis, Hell Kerbecs, An attack stadium, Light launcher 2, Launcher grip, and beyblade holder. NOTE: I'll be selling this as a whole, however if nobody is interested within the next week, I'll be selling the contents seperately. If you buy it as a set, I'll give a lower price than if I sold each of the items seperately.
x3 Ray Unicorno D125CS
x2 Flame Byxis 230WD(4 if nobody is interested in buying the set as a whole.)
x3 Baasalt Horogium 145WD
x2 Gravity Perseus AD145WD, one with a beylauncher LR, one without.
x1 Killer Beafowl UW145EWD
x1 Screw Capricorn 90MF
x1 Grand Ketos T125RS
x1 Super Deck Set

how much will you be selling screw and basalt for?
PMs sir, PMs.
Anyways, I clearly said offer for the price of items.
I'm sorry to keep on posting here involving Sales, but please if you're PMing me about a item, allow yourself to recieve PMs as well so we can work something out.
(LDD and some other member who PMed me but didn't get a response)
is anyone gonna be selling any spin tracks or performance tips?
awwwww yeah!!! another tourney in toronto! please put me down as a possible attendee. and i'll give u some updates to if i'm coming or not
If i go i might have a ldrago destroy so be careful!
Probly the only bey that can defeat ldrago is varies
^^^^dude...dont tell what you beys weakness is on the thread it will come back to haunt you later in the end
will you be selling beys at the tourny?
(Jul. 27, 2011  2:39 PM)ali12345456 Wrote: [ -> ]^^^^dude...dont tell what you beys weakness is on the thread it will come back to haunt you later in the end
Yeah but i don't have one i said mabye
maybeh Cool
Yes, I will. That's why I listed beyblades. o-o
Those are what I'm selling, PM me with an offer if you're interested in anything there and we can work it out.
Note: I'll still bring everything on that list to the event anyways, as I know there are going to be some people who want to buy it there who didn't post here.
Can you add me to possibles, I'll need to see if anything comes up that week.:\
Put me as possible
put me in possible
Sing me up in attending i will be at grove park at 11:30am with my friend but he does not have an account is it still OK if he enters the tournament.
Sure, but it'd be a lot better if he signs up now.
Put me down on the possible attendees list. Hopefully, I'll be able to come to this event... Smile
Put me on the possible attendees!
cant wait for the tourny
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