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Full Version: Ink's Beysales - FAST SHIPPING TO THE US! L Drago Destroy, RBV7! Major Price Drop
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Ink's Beysales

After thinking about it, I've decided to part with some of my Beys. As most of these aren't too good, I've made them real cheap so you can add to your collection without taking a toll on your budget. I also have NIB Beyblades including L Drago Destroy! So take a look around.


NOTE: I ONLY SHIP TO THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. So, if you are ordering a used Bey/s, or a Random Booster, the shipping is $5.40. However, if you are ordering a starter, the shipping is $10.95. However, I can ship it to you for $5.40, however, it will be NIP (New In Package) and won't include the box. I will ship ASAP, and they should arrive pretty quickly. Also, you can order multiple NIB items in the $10.40 Medium Box. However, I cannot do combine shipping on NIP items.


I only accept payment through PayPal. Once you have given me the correct payment, I will ship your items. I will ask for your PayPal. When you want to buy something, make sure to PM me what you want.


All of the used Beyblades are quite worn. On Vulcan Horuseus, the paint has chipped quite a bit. The only exceptions are Inferno Sagittario and Fury Capricorn, which have only suffered moderate wear.

(Prices do not include shipping.)

NIB Random Booster Vol. 7 Beat Lynx (x2) (One reserved for v0rtex.)
Price - $12.00

Vulcan Horuseus 145D (Reserved for v0rtex.)
Price - $10.00

Storm Capricorn M145Q (Reserved for Raigeko13)
Price - $1.00

Have a nice day, -Ink.
You cannot "bump" topics everyday ... Every two days at the most, preferably even less frequent than that.
Your prices are really cheap. No more Storm Capris though?
(Jul. 20, 2011  10:33 PM)Taiwo Seigi Wrote: [ -> ]Your prices are really cheap. No more Storm Capris though?

Nope, sorry, reserved for Raigeko13.
Did some major price drops, you can now get a RBV7 for $12!
I've taken off everything that wasn't reserved, they will be part of a lot I will be selling on eBay. I will post the link when I have.
IS Beat Lynx surely in those RB7's?
No, there is Gravity Perseus 85DS and Vulcan Herculeo 130DS.