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Full Version: End Game Tournament (Saturday, April 25th, 2009)
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You really need to stop spamming this topic up.
Flamer Told me he cant go,He says sorry and he cant go because his mom and dad have to work on that day and they cant take him
Just wanted to say Good Luck to everyone participating Joyful_2 !!!
(Apr. 25, 2009  1:37 AM)BladeBee Wrote: [ -> ]Flamer Told me he cant go,He says sorry and he cant go because his mom and dad have to work on that day and they cant take him

I'm shocked, as he is a man of integrity and realism
Good luck with the tournament tomorrow Anubis! Hope you guys have a good turnout Smile
well I hope some people come so I can get my Beypoints back to the 1000s..I hope I can find my Gaia Dragoon V before then though,I seem to have lost it Unhappy
The current attendee list is at ten. I doubt very much that Meros will show up, considering he bailed on Deikailo and we haven't heard from him since.

At best we'll have nine people with one relatively unwilling to play. I'm hoping she'll see how fun it is and play, though.
Good today luck guys!
Ehehehe! I have a killer new combo. >D *secret weapon*
Good Luck everyone :3
Good luck.

I'll start attending WBO events out of state when I get to drive. lol.
Im leaving in 1 hour.
Yay its starting soon!!!
good luck to all of you.
My dad is coming home soon,and when he does I can finally go XD
Bladebee, you're going to have to call us.
Im trying to find a train that goes to central park
Good luck guys.
Haha, I forgot this was today, good luck guys.
people better show up
Remember, bailing now will be your last chance for Anubis. No more tourny's unless you organize them, so show for this.
Seven people attended. We're about a third of the way in from round robin battles.

Bladebee, I told you the train, I gave you my number, and you didn't show nor did you contact us saying stating wouldn't show. Furthermore, we waited because you made a post stating you were arranging that you were coming two hours after the scheduled time. Even I was late, and I still contact Evan to tell him the B train was being a carp.

Attendee list:
Kai v3.0
White Afi

Brad will decide what measures to take on those who didn't show.

We've all discussed that a forfeit from all whom did not show to everyone who showed would be a fair penalty, considering some of us made a 3+ hour trip to get here. Although, we understand that this is not our decision to make, and trust Brad to make an appropriate call on this situation.

That being said, it's beautiful here in central park and we're all really happy with each other's company. Smile
Ugh. Sorry about that. Everyone who didn't show should be ashamed.
i hate everyone who didn't show up


anyone who said they were coming and didn't show will incur a penalty.
As long as you guys had fun, I guess that makes it worthwhile

But this whole no-show thing is really rude. People shouldn't commit if they cannot make it.
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