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Full Version: [Millersville, MD, USA 7/17/11] Old School Showdown!
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Plastics and HMS WBO Event!

Old School Showdown!
Date: July 17, 2011. Sunday
Start time: shooting for 11-12. probably 11:30
Venue: MY HOUSE!
Fees: standard WBO fees
Format: Round Robin

mata nui
SO the only beys awe can bring are the old school ones not the hybrid or 4d system
For the tournament, correct.
Sorry Guys I would come but I just asked my mom and she said no it's a hour away and she wasn't expecting it I sked late casue I was Bored would have brought my friend too Shame it really is
Nice crib! man! You and Aimi8 are like the MD Duos. Winning back and forth smh.
Nice job, Aimi. Grin Let it be known that east coast chicks dominated all of the plastics tournaments. Cool

Otsu, awesome job hustling together a crowd for the remembrance day tournaments. You're doing a great job as a host. Grin I wish I could keep up.
haha. she won without any help from me at all either.

haha thx, it ended up being completely friends and family event. i had to force the gf to play too to get the min 8. Pinching_eyes_2
Still, that's what a host does. You worked hard for it and you made it happen. We almost didn't make our minimum here in Toronto. Had I not gone, Crimson would have not been able to make it and it would have never happened.

Nice job. I was hoping the USA would represent and get something done.
ah, i just noticed that there weren't any other US tournaments. surprising.
You were the only host dedicated enough I guess...

I know Ink tried, but it really just came down to resources. He didn't have enough plastics/hms to hand out.
faces for winners?