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Full Version: im looking to buy BEYBLADES!!!!!
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Hey im looking and willing pay for a Burning Kerberous and a GALEON (NIB), mint, or near mint condition.. please pm me or email me so we can negotiate offers and please PLEASE! send me the photos of them as well, I also need the launchers for the blades. I will paypal and or money orders. I will only deal within the U.S or Canada, its just much, much more easier that way. Here are some other blades I am looking for-

Burning Kerberous (NIB), mint, or near mint
Black Dranzer (NIB), mint, or near mint
Flash Leopard (NIB), mint or near mint
Driger V (NIB), mint or near mint
Dranzer V (NIB), mint, or near mint
Zeus (NIB), mint or near mint

Thank you and I hope we can work out a deal soon Smile

P.S And if you have any other blades you want to offer me please feel free to pm me or email me, and again thank you Smile
when you say overseas where do you live cause i have a galeon and flash lepord
I live in the USA in michigan
NVM i live in the UK
well have u done overseas before
plenty of times i havent had trouble selling before as i insist on tracekd mail for the pics click the picture
nice blades but i didnt see the galeon
look at the yotube video i have special stickers limited edition and normal
alright i just pm u, pm me or email me back and tell me what u think