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Full Version: [Belfast, Ireland, UK] Irish Beybladers
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I'm currently residing in Belfast, and would be interested in a battle/tournament in the area. I could even manage Dublin or some other location on the island if it was a proper tournament. Unfortunately, I don't have the new blades and would be relying on the plastic or HMS blades until I can get the new ones.
although this is kinda from belfast, although theres only 2 of us lol...unless the others would come up to us Tongue_out but yeah....just thought id say.
hey dudes

i used to blade a while ago havent done in ages

i kind off just got back into watching it and wouldnt mind to play it again

so any of u guys want have a battle i will do it.

talk to me on this or

I live near Belfast and would be interested in being involved in some games.

I'm a little surprised that there's not more since Beyblade has been available over here for a while now.

Let me know if you get something sorted.