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Full Version: [Sarawak,Malaysia][17/07/11]College Breakout:Ancient War II
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Hey,World Beybladers!I(Whatzzer)will bring another tournament to Sarawak!Don't miss this chance!


Venue:Pusat Bimbingan Karya[At a park nearby]

Time:11 AM.Registration will close at 11:30.

Format:Round Robin

Fees:5$.Free for passport holders.Passport can be bought there.

Prizes:Unconfirmed list:-

1st placeEeearth Bull DF145WB
2nd placeGrinark Cancer H145SD
3rd placeConfusedtorm Pegasis 125SF

Attendees list:Same as the original one.
i might not be attending this one due to financial do ieatbeyblade(giant) and peace..because we all can only afford to pay one live really need money..we already budgetted our money only for a tourney only...sorry..but we definitely going for september one...we did not have back up plan for budgeting for another tourney..we tried saving this week..but..urgh...cant join this one...
Benjohadi's problem is solved,so this might turn to be a success.
bes of luk for is one wazzer
How did this turn out?
XD XD XD...Whatzer's parents fetch him early..we cant manage to fight MFB...hahaha...guess,better luck next time..
he ran off once he saw his parents..thats wxplain why we manage to take his picture while he was running..haha
,manage better with your parents...let them know about it..i know they dont know about it...