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Full Version: [MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA] HMS Rebirth - July 17, 2011
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HMS Rebirth

In remembrance of the HMS series, HMS Rebirth will be a HMS bey only tournament!

The WBO charges an entry fee of $5 USD to any entrant who does not have a Blader
Passport. The fee is $5 USD regardless of region, since we live in Australia AUD is accepted (Australian Dollar.) Players who cannot pay this fee cannot enter WBO events UNLESS the player has a blader's passport.
The WBO is a nonprofit organization, and all money collected goes to things for the community; prizes, rewards, site maintenance, etc.

Blader Passport's
If you would like a blader's passport and for any reason cannot purchase one online, you can purchase one at the tournament for $10.00 USD or AUD. A blader's passport lasts for one whole year and allows free access to every tournament the player participates in within that year.

Date and time: July 17, 2011. The tournament will start AFTER Plastic Resurrection, around 2:30 PM.

Venue: Essendon, Lincoln Park (Same as always)

There's a milk bar next to the park, if you would like to bring money.

Train Line: (If you are out of Northern suburb area or you have to rely on public transport to get to the venue, you can catch any other line to Flinders Street Station, such as Southern Cross, and then from Flinders take the CRAIGIEBURN Line to either Essendon or Glenbervie.
Train Line Table:

Expected Turnout: 15 or so, if there is enough for the block system, we will do so.

Format: Round Robin (I don't think there will be enough for the block system)

Attendance List:
Novae Rog
Sam the Beast
Chaos Blader



Prizes are unknown at this time.

Yes please!
i can proberbly enter, if my mum doesnt complain, it's straight after the plastic one on the same day. im going to have to borrow a HMS for this, i own none and ill be spending all i got on a plastic bey for the tournament before this. man this makes me have 4 tournaments during the holidays, 3 beyblade (one has passed) and 1 pokemon. im one busy teen.
I will be attending.

Grin Smile Speechless Unhappy Gasp

Im still away for this. The pain im going through right now.
can 100% stay for this, just need to borrow a HMS, and rayquazon also wants to enter and needs to borrow a bey (unless some one sells him one for $10) so put him on.
damn looks im missing out again Unhappy

Have fun guys, while ill be doing chemistry and english homework...
Thanks everyone who made it ! A few less people participated in HMS Rebirth then Plastic Resurrection.

The results:
1st. blah
2nd. TDragonGX
3rd. Novae Rog

Congratulations Novae Rog for placing in both tournaments Tongue_out
Erm, someone took my red HMS ripcord haha.
And someone took my dark grey HMS launcher Pinching_eyes_2