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Full Version: [SELLING] takara tomy mini beyblade x 2 pcs with launcher x 2 pcs (CLOSED)
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I got few sets of this [mini beyblade + launcher set], and the up-dated price is GBP9.99 included shipping fee, package as below,

(1) mini bayblade x 2 pcs (diameter 25mm)
(2) launcher x 2 pcs
*** EUR2.00 coin inside the picture NOT included.

remark : NO combine shipment, NO extra discount, if you want to get the tracking number, then you have to pay the extra tracking number fee GBP1.50 on total amount(per order, NOT for per item), and i STRONGLY RECOMMEND buyers take it, because you can check it on internet in anytime, also the parcel will be protect by insurance company, but sorry that i WILL NOT handle any lost or damaged for all UN-INSURE parcel, so please take reference.

All the prices quoted in GBP(UK POUNDS), and i accept currency GBP / USD / EUR / AUD / CAD, and please go to check the up-dated exchange rate at , thanks!

[Image: beybladeMINI01.jpg]

[Image: beybladeMINI02.jpg]

[Image: beybladeMINI03.jpg]

[Image: beybladeMINI04.jpg]
that is so cool i may buy it if i have some money left over from my holiday
how much?
Read the OP. It clearly says 9.99GBP. Use to figure it out in your currency. Stop being so stupid and read the whole thing next time.