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Full Version: [New York, New York] HMS/Plastic Rememberance Day
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How many of you would be interested in an HMS tourney?
Carp yeah,that would be awesome dude.
Guess this means you're not going to Canada? Unhappy
I can't. I work that Friday and Saturday.
Now I'm going to be stuck alone during my drive all the way to Montreal. Unhappy I WANTED TO SING BRITNEY SPEARS WITH YOU FOR 5 HOURS.

You should talk to IKMV + crew about going. You have HMS to lend out, right?
(Jul. 09, 2011  7:17 PM)Cye Kinomiya Wrote: [ -> ]I can't. I work that Friday and Saturday.

DJ - Sad.

Anyways ... I hope you gather enough interest for a tournament in New York!
Talk to Jairo and Josh. They both still have HMS.

Also, Bluezee and Karice have HMS. Along with your crew, that should be enough.