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Full Version: Return of the Plastics! [London, UK 17/07/11] - Regents Park
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i am in
i will be there
put me down i will be there
CONFIRMED to make it Smile
I'm coming
put me down
put me down
put me down
i will be there to do a give away remember
I changed my mind. I will be competing in this as well as selling so can you put me on the list please.
put me down plz i might not have a plastic beyblade but i have an electric l-drago
(Jul. 10, 2011  1:16 PM)bey-jake99 Wrote: [ -> ]put me down plz i might not have a plastic beyblade but i have an electric l-drago

You won't be allowed to use that in the tournament.
ill come
ill be there
ill be there
Can i be moved to Definite?
Can I be moved to the reserves list please?
Put me down please
won't be able to make this tournament soz ppl
is anyone bring there metal fight beyblades
Because I still think some people on the confirmed list still don't actually understand -

I just want to remind everyone that NO Metal Fight/Fusion Beyblades will be allowed in this tournament!
We now have 9 Plastic Beyblades to do a parts draft with!

I know people will ask this so -

Parts draft is when we put all the different parts e.g Attack Rings, Weight Disks and Bases into separate containers, once you've paid £5 (how cheap!) you'll pick a part from each container and you'll end up with a full Plastic Beyblade, launcher and ripcord to keep!

This is only really for people that don't have ANY Plastics but if we have spares after we should be able to sell them to anyone.
Also for anyone that doesn't want to do that I will be bringing all of my plastics and spare parts with me to sell. So no one should be without a bey as long as they bring along some money Smile
hey blitz could u put me down as a maybe thanks
put me to come please
Sorry for the late notice but I will not be able to attend. Plastics Forever!
take me off the list i cant come
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